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A study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that semi-automatic assault rifles were used in only about 25 percent of... [Read More]
The American gun industry's two-year "Trump slump" might finally be over. Federal background-check data released Thursday indicated stronger-than-expected retail activity in August, a positive indicator... [Read More]
It adds to the flood of money from outside groups on both sides of the confirmation fight that will take place in the Senate in... [Read More]
The families of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting are suing Jones for defamation. ... [Read More]
Rising demand for American-made steel is raising material costs. [Read More]
The maker of Smith & Wesson firearms said gun control activism poses a risk to its business, according to a company filing. American Outdoor... [Read More]
Analysts thought the Florida incident would trigger a return of fear-based gun buying. [Read More]
The trend is reminiscent of how corporations showed support for marriage equality and condemned the tobacco industry. [Read More]
The National Rifle Association sued New York state officials over what it described as a "blacklisting campaign" targeting companies that try to do business with... [Read More]
President Donald Trump delivered a strong support for the National Rifle Association at its annual meeting on Friday, as gun-rights advocates regroup in the wake... [Read More]
Dick's Sporting Goods is taking a further step to advocate for gun control, part of a rapid transition for the retailer that's also a major... [Read More]
Lockton Cos. wrongly provided liability coverage to gun owners should they be charged with a crime involving their firearms... [Read More]
Savage, the gun brand on the chopping block, focuses on modern sporting rifles — the kind of assault-style weapons that have drawn scrutiny in the... [Read More]
The families of two children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting have filed lawsuits against right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones... [Read More]
The InfoWars host has derided the shooting as fake and possibly staged... [Read More]
Bank of America Corp. plans to stop lending to companies that make assault-style guns used for non-military purposes. [Read More]
For the second time in less than two months, the firearm used in a mass shooting was produced by American Outdoor Brands Corp. Three people... [Read More]
Gun sales soared last month: 2,767,699 federal background checks for firearms purchases were run, the highest March number since the FBI began releasing data in... [Read More]
Background checks are up 11 percent over year ago. [Read More]
The National Rifle Association received foreign funds but didn't use the money for election purposes, the gun lobby wrote to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. [Read More]