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Leona Evans, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in July, walked back into her Texas house's backyard on Saturday to find a custom playhouse shaped like... [Read More]
The 19-year-old mother who shot a video of her co-passenger's outburst on a Delta flight and posted on social media, resulting in the latter getting... [Read More]
Marissa Rundell said she had no idea that a video clip that she recorded on Feb. 6 of Susan Peirez, would go viral on Facebook. [Read More]
The Make-A-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization, granted the wish of a 5-year-old girl, battling leukemia, of owning her own pirate ship. [Read More]
After opting out of the presidential race in 2016, former Vice President Joe Biden told longtime foreign policy aides in a private meeting Saturday that he is... [Read More]
Biden told everyone present at a private meeting that if he launches a campaign for 2020 election, he would like all the attendants of the... [Read More]
Thousands gathered at the Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church to pay their respects to the fallen soldier, where a 2-hour funeral service was held... [Read More]
Commander Paul Bauer, the high-ranking Chicago police officer who was killed in the line of duty near Thompson Center on Feb. 13, was laid to... [Read More]
Two senior Middleton students — one 17 and another 18 years of age — were walking home after their school got dismissed when they got... [Read More]
Two Middleton High School students were walking back home when they were shot and injured on Friday, Tampa police said. The incident took place near the intersection... [Read More]
A brawl broke out on Carnival Legend cruise Friday, causing the ship to make an emergency stop in the New South Wales town of Eden... [Read More]
Fourteen other members of the family also chose to depart from the ship. [Read More]
Jim Bridwell, a daring mountaineer who fearlessly climbed everything from the Andes in South America to mountain ranges in Yosemite National Park, California, died Friday,... [Read More]
Layton Bridwell said his father refused to be worried when he felt bloated a few months ago. [Read More]
An American Airlines ticketing agent used her instincts to save two underage girls from getting lured into flying to New York to meet a man... [Read More]
Denise Miracle, an American Airlines customer service agent, sensed that something did not seem right when two teenagers came up to the ticket counter at... [Read More]
A year ago, Deniz Yücel was charged for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations FETÖ and PKK by spreading their propaganda and inciting violence in Turkey. [Read More]
The American flag at Hurricane High School, Utah, was shredded to pieces and replaced with a flag that resembled the Islamic State terrorist group flag on... [Read More]
The national flag that adorned the flag post in the school campus was taken down and replaced with "what looked like a flag used by... [Read More]
As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un flaunts the progress his country has made in military might and latest weaponry, former intelligence experts have said... [Read More]