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Sebastian Kurz, the leader of the Austrian People's Party (OVP) came out on the top in the country's legislative elections held Sunday, and is on... [Read More]
Sebastian Kurz will beat North Korea's Kim Jong-un and France's Emmanuel Macron, who were handed the reins of their respective nations at the ages of... [Read More]
The Professional Wrestling Company (WWE) has signed on, Shadia Bseiso, the first Arab woman to be a part of their latest roster of wrestlers which includes... [Read More]
"Let's face it, the Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein, and they're up by 14 points," Al Michaels said while he... [Read More]
NBC broadcaster Al Michaels faced a Twitter backlash Sunday after he likened the streak of bad luck that the New York Giants was facing in... [Read More]
Alyssa Milano's social media campaign has led many women, regardless of their sexual orientation, to speak up against sexual harassment and abuse prevailing in the... [Read More]
Most parents want to give their kids everything they want in life. But according to parenting experts, saying "yes" to every demand that your children... [Read More]
Traversing the journey of becoming an assertive parent from a passive one can often be hard, especially for those who remain busy with work for... [Read More]
After a British couple got married at the monastery of St Paul on Rhodes island, one of the holiest sites in Greece, they decided to pose... [Read More]
The monastery refusing to host any further weddings, meant that hundreds of bride-to-bes, who had booked the venue for their dream weddings, were left without... [Read More]
Three juveniles were arrested Tuesday after they allegedly threatened a woman in Laurel, Delaware, with a BB gun. Laurel Police Department said their officers while responding... [Read More]
The deaths of world-renowned climbers Inge Perkins and Hayden Kennedy on Saturday during a backcountry skiing hike in Montana's Madison Range, wrenched many a heart. Both... [Read More]
One of her closest friends, Kelsey K. Sather, wrote a heartfelt tribute to the late climber "who went out of her way to express her... [Read More]
A Saudi Arabian groom walked out of his wedding, cancelling the same after his prospective father-in-law demanded his daughter be allowed to drive after marriage.... [Read More]
A Saudi Arabia groom walked out of his wedding ceremony when the bride's father demanded his daughter get a driving license after the ban on... [Read More]
A Supreme Court in Brisbane, Australia, ruled that an unsent text typed by a 55-year-old man, shortly before he took his own life, will be treated... [Read More]
As a result of the Supreme Court's decision, the man's brother and nephew became the legal owners of the deceased's inheritance, leaving his wife and... [Read More]
Ten members of the Phi Delta Theta house in Louisiana State University were arrested Wednesday on hazing charges, following the emergence of details regarding the... [Read More]
Maxwell Gruver had lost his gag reflex as a result of getting intoxicated, allowing fluid to flow directly into his airway, blocking the way for... [Read More]
Hurricane Ophelia is expected to bring an intense blast of winds to the Emerald Isle, and the western half of Ireland early next week. [Read More]