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The entrepreneurial graffiti artist travels to the Russian capital to install a mural — and gets more work along the way. [Read More]
The restaurants have pledged will end a practice that prohibited workers from switching jobs within the individual chains. [Read More]
The relationship between 7-Eleven and its store owners has been deteriorating for years. Franchisees who run nearly all of the chain's 9,100 7-Eleven U.S. stores... [Read More]
Tensions between 7-Eleven and its franchisees have simmered for years. Now, they're boiling over as store owners face a new franchise agreement that they say... [Read More]
President Trump's eldest daughter, who serves as a top White House adviser, is shutting down her fashion brand more than a year after stepping away... [Read More]
The provisions prohibit workers at, for example, one Carl's Jr. franchise from going to another Carl's Jr., and critics say they may be keeping tens... [Read More]
McDonald's and Arby's are among the fast food companies that have agreed to drop a hiring practice that keeps workers from moving between franchises within... [Read More]
Nearly a dozen attorneys general asked eight chains for information about whether their contracts kept franchisees from hiring workers away from one another. [Read More]
The biggest U.S. manufacturer of French fries, which grows potatoes and produces the fries in Washington, has recently introduced a new variety with a special... [Read More]
The perfect french fry is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.A french fry delivered to your home is often the opposite: cold,... [Read More]
This is the story of one company's quest to make sure your fries don't get soggy before they arrive at your front door. The New... [Read More]
In an industry where cheap labor is an essential component in providing inexpensive food, a shortage of workers is changing the equation upon which fast-food... [Read More]
Known for a limited menu, the fast casual chain will begin offering five new food items that will challenge the chain's reputation for efficiency. [Read More]
Starbucks closes stores for anti-bias training following arrests of two black men... [Read More]
The coffee chain was closing U.S. stores for several hours Tuesday to improve its image after the arrests of two black men at a store... [Read More]
A quarter-century ago, there were 56 teenagers in the labor force for every "limited service" restaurant — that is, the kind where you order at... [Read More]
"Help Wanted" sign is out for teens, traditionally the main fast-food workforce. [Read More]
The restaurant business is booming but franchisees are experiencing a big problem: There aren't enough teenagers to fill fast-food jobs, the New York Times reports. [Read More]
Fast food is feeling the labor shortage acutely, especially as one important source of workers has dried up. In 2000, about 45 percent of those... [Read More]
A shortage of workers is changing the equation that many restaurants have long relied on. [Read More]