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The scientific term for crunching hard-shelled creatures to death in your teeth before swallowing them is called "oral-crushing durophagy" — and a massive, extinct otter... [Read More]
Two of the stimulants are explicitly banned by the FDA, and one has mainly been tested in cats and dogs... [Read More]
Kathleen Farley, a graduate student in biological sciences, paid $2,824 in taxes on her stipend of $25,969 last year. If President Donald Trump's tax plan... [Read More]
A shower of subatomic particles has revealed the outlines of an empty cavity inside the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt — the first discovery... [Read More]
in just one hour. Other than that, Waydo says, "There are no rules." ... [Read More]
Vaginas are like self-cleaning ovens; an octopus's wriggly appendages are called arms not tentacles; and there's no biological basis for race. These are just a... [Read More]
Baking soda is better than bleach for washing them apples... [Read More]
Play this game and call me in the morning... [Read More]
A graphic depicting the storm's high speed winds spilled over its boundaries... [Read More]
A new study showed that 750 deaths each year are prevented by gun waiting periods... [Read More]
Say goodbye to the garden gnome... [Read More]
Levels of industrial solvents in some of the wells at the Dorado Superfund site are too high for drinking water... [Read More]
People suffering from heart conditions and lung diseases like asthma are especially susceptible to the smoke... [Read More]
Two new genetic analyses help explain the unexpected roles Neanderthals play in modern human life — influencing everything from hair color to mental health. The... [Read More]
The tiny, ancient marine reptile died with its last meal still in its belly... [Read More]
Or: Young Mars got so gassy it wet itself... [Read More]
The morning after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, Sofia Maldonado tried to call her parents, who were still on the island. "You call them,... [Read More]
Hurricane Maria whirled through Puerto Rico almost a week ago, but we still don't know the full extent of the devastation that the Category 4... [Read More]
In the wake of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's 3.4 million American citizens remain almost entirely without electrical power — but it's not because their power... [Read More]
Too much pee and too little fresh air probably made employees of an indoor water park sick, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report.... [Read More]