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AOL announced that its iconic chat service from the '00s is officially going dark after 20 years -- and we're sad to see it go. [Read More]
We all have that one Facebook friend. You know the one I mean — they post oodles of updates on one particular topic, usually one... [Read More]
An Amazon spokesperson told CNET that the company would be putting up listings for the Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra, apparently in an attempt to make peace... [Read More]
Snapchat today announced it was opening Lens Studio to everyone. Anyone can develop their own Lens, one of Snapchat's most lauded augmented reality feature. [Read More]
Twitter today released two new ads showcasing how to use it. It seems the ubiquitous microblogging app is having some trouble onboarding new users. [Read More]
A former Facebook exec recently criticized the site for its deliberately addictive design. Facebook responded -- and agreed with him. [Read More]
Facebook today began to roll out a suite of new holiday features to raise the spirits of its millions of users. The most useful cheer... [Read More]
Sony today released its Stranger Things VR Experience on the PlayStation store. Don't get too excited though. It's shorter than Eleven's Season 1 haircut, which... [Read More]
Twitter today revealed plans to give users a better way to create threaded tweets. Thanks to a new button in the tweet composer, you can... [Read More]
Facebook today announced it was offering a selection of free music and sound effects to Facebook or Instagram video makers. [Read More]
YouTube has recently begun removing controversial videos featuring potential exploitation of children, after years of taking a cut from the revenue. [Read More]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One tomorrow. There's a nifty little trick that will allow you to get in early. [Read More]
Grief is one of the most difficult, trying psychological phenomena, and it's something that almost every one of us is guaranteed to feel at some... [Read More]
Facebook announced this week, in celebration of its first year of Messenger games, it's adding new community features such as livestreaming and video chat. [Read More]
Instagram today announced two new features which are the only updates its popular Stories feature has ever really needed. [Read More]
Despite the fact that we're still weeks away from the end of the year, Apple has gone ahead and released its year-end most-downloaded of 2017.... [Read More]
Discord, the popular gaming voice chat app, is growing strong despite a year dotted with recurring controversy. [Read More]
Apple today published a paper on its Machine Learning Journal which addressed the topic of differential privacy, and how it's used to protect user privacy. [Read More]
Snapchat users are filming the Los Angeles fires, and their Stories are gathered into a blazing communal narrative on Snap Map. [Read More]
Google today pulled YouTube from all Amazon Fire TVs and Echo Shows, the latest below-the-belt jabs in the companies' long-running feud. [Read More]