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Taiwan authorities have arrested and jailed the owner of a Texas company that sells blueprints for untraceable 3D-printed guns and who is wanted on suspicion... [Read More]
The strongest tropical storm of 2018 set off landslides that buried miners and wrecked cropland... [Read More]
Qualcomm reached a rare deal with Taiwan's fair trade authorities to scrap a $760 million antitrust fine in exchange for a series of local tech... [Read More]
The strongest tropical storm of 2018 has petered out after burying dozens in landslides north of Manila and flooding parts of southern China... [Read More]
Vietnam may tell forum delegates this week they can export to both China and the US without the risk of trade war... [Read More]
Although HTC's new model shows that it's focused on consumers who aren't willing to spend top dollar for their handsets, the Life also lacks the... [Read More]
Washington called back ambassadors from three former Taiwan allies in Latin America, and senators have introduced a bill that could do even more... [Read More]
The Chinese smartphone maker looks set to use low prices and a network of retail outlets to find new customers in a tough Taiwan market. [Read More]
Three mayors and two vice-mayors have been gunned down in the past three months... [Read More]
Vietnam welcomes trade and private business tie-ups but has more conditions for China's role in domestic infrastructure and special economic zones... [Read More]
The 85C Bakery-Cafe is trying to appease Chinese consumers without isolating its customers at home in Taiwan. [Read More]
A report from the United States says China's plans pose risks to the ecology and would dim claims by five other Asian governments to the... [Read More]
Taiwan and the United States are showing signs of growing a solid relationship that goes beyond U.S. President Donald Trump's widely suspected use of Taipei... [Read More]
President Rodrigo Duterte is getting fed up with crime, corruption and violent rebel groups two years into a six-year term, experts say... [Read More]
Pegatron is tipped to get a hefty share of Apple orders this year because it specializes in LCD displays, a hallmark of the budget iPhone. [Read More]
China fumes whenever Taiwanese leaders stop in the United States, usually en route to see allies in Latin America... [Read More]
China has protested a visit Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen made Sunday to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. The visit, made on a stopover... [Read More]
Vietnam is trying to get a grip on inflation that might otherwise threaten its quick economic growth again as it did a decade ago, analysts... [Read More]
Beijing, which claims sovereignty over the island nation and overwhelms them militarily, has not discounted using force to unify the two despite being separately ruled... [Read More]
Defense experts say Taiwan is responding to China's arms buildup by developing missiles and interceptors of its own that could reduce Beijing's military advantage over... [Read More]