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Nearly 17 years after her escape, Flor Molina's story is one of survival and overcoming steep odds to become a champion for victims of labor... [Read More]
Group embarked on six-day, six-city caravan tour to US-Mexico border, demanding return of all immigrant children to their families... [Read More]
For the millions of first-generation immigrants in the United States, whose native languages aren't common on the streets of New York or any other U.S.... [Read More]
As VOA approached the 77,000-square-foot detention center from one side, three young cousins trekking on a dirt side road stopped. "Yep, that's Ursula,"... [Read More]
The detention center in McAllen, Texas, is know as Ursula to the local residents. It is also the country's largest U.S. Border Patrol Processing Center.... [Read More]
For six weeks, South Texas residents watched in disbelief as a "zero tolerance" immigration policy ripped apart migrant families in their communities. Following U.S. President... [Read More]
Court is for veterans with low-level, non-violent offenses... [Read More]
Republican House and Senate candidates are adopting one of President Donald Trump's key issues – and his style - to get themselves elected in November.... [Read More]
In a marshy section of Cow Meadow Park in Freeport, Long Island, longtime resident Cory Brewer bikes through the thick air and stops to take... [Read More]
A short commute from New York City, Long Island has become the epicenter of President Trump's vow to eradicate the gang known as Mara Salvatrucha,... [Read More]
Longtime residents along the U.S./Mexico border in southern Arizona and California have seen walls rise and National Guard troops deployed. Though often portrayed as a... [Read More]
Nearly a month has passed since President Trump called on the National Guard to beef up security along the US-Mexico border. His order, which came... [Read More]
Mexicali's "Albergue del Desierto" — Shelter of the Desert — is the last place adolescent migrants may find refuge, a hot meal, and a communication... [Read More]
After more than a month of travel by foot, bus and train, the Central American caravan of more than 150 people has stalled at Tijuana's... [Read More]
On a broken concrete bench in Mexicali's Parque de los Heroes de Chapultepec, 23-year-old Honduran Merlin Sauceda sits alone - with the U.S.-Mexico border in... [Read More]
A caravan of Central American migrants crossing north toward the United States has arrived on the U.S.-Mexico border, where fear of persecution at home has... [Read More]
Ramon Taylor is in Calexico, California where he speaks with the border patrol about a wall being built to keep illegal immigrants out and the... [Read More]
New York is a city that boasts of its religious tolerance, but even here, Ahmadiyya Muslims feel the sting of discrimination. Though they... [Read More]
Upon learning that New York taxicab veteran Nicanor Ochisor had hanged himself in his garage, Nigerian-native driver Emanuel Agbai was hardly at a loss for... [Read More]
Four NYC taxi drivers have committed suicide over the last four months as for-hire services like Uber and Lyft cut into their profits... [Read More]