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The Daily Show's Trevor Noah will return to Netflix next month for a new standup special, Trevor Noah: Son Of Patricia, which is slated to... [Read More]
Despite a rocky start, we mostly came around on Disenchantment, Netflix's new animated series from Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Still, the magic never quite manifested for... [Read More]
Halloween just changed everything, y'all. Blumhouse's new entry into the franchise slaughtered the box office this weekend, proving that the slasher genre is, unlike the... [Read More]
Roughly a year ago, Guillermo del Toro lamented that his long-gestating passion project, a dark, stop-motion version of Pinocchio, was kaput. Sounding dejected, he told... [Read More]
The Last Jedi's Kylo Ren is a very serious boy. Played by Adam Driver, the character is ruthless, emotional, and probably the kind of guy... [Read More]
You'll see no shortage of celebrities sitting courtside at Los Angeles Lakers' games, but perhaps none scat so animatedly from the sidelines as Anthony Kiedis.... [Read More]
Infatuation's a helluva drug, but that shit wears off quickly. Granted, that high likely lasts a touch longer when it's swirling around Ariana Grande, one... [Read More]
Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter publication has infiltrated many an inbox since it was launched in 2015 by the Girls creator and her longtime collaborator Jenni Konner.... [Read More]
In April, Massive Attack revealed it would celebrate the 20th anniversary of its seminal Mezzanine by encoding it into 920,000 actual strands of DNA, which,... [Read More]
A film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's indomitable Cats—a prospect that's treated like a punchline in John Guare's wonderful Six Degrees of Separation—is very much... [Read More]
Intellectual property either dies ignominiously or lives enough to see itself turned into a porn parody. Or, if you're Mario, your lovable, kid-friendly reputation is... [Read More]
A Quiet Place landed with a thundering cha-ching when it hit theaters last April, prompting Paramount to almost immediately announce that a sequel was in the... [Read More]
It was announced earlier this year that Maroon 5 would headline the 2019 Super Bowl's halftime show, though it appears they weren't the organizers' first... [Read More]
The Degenerates, a six-part standup series from Netflix, promises to explore the "coarse and salacious side of comedy" when it premieres later this month. Joey... [Read More]
As the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott anchor HGTV's lineup of "shows you watch with Mom on Thanksgiving." They've built a veritable empire, with... [Read More]
Blumhouse Productions is a wildly successful studio that's served to both revive mainstream culture's interest in boundary-pushing genre and foster up-and-coming filmmakers like Jordan Peele... [Read More]
If there is one thing that binds all modern humans, it's our collective desire for More Content. As such, it seemed only natural to keep... [Read More]
Is Banksy, anonymous art provocateur, the troll? Or is he, in fact, the one being trolled by an art community that celebrates notoriety more than... [Read More]
How High broke no box office records when it hit theaters in 2001, nor did it turn rappers Redman and Method Man into Hollywood A-listers.... [Read More]
November's a month for binging, what with that surplus of Halloween candy and Thanksgiving's bountiful scraps. As such, Hulu has packed its platform with a... [Read More]