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Ambassador Quarrey says official itinerary for Prince William's visit 'consistent with years of practice by British governments'... [Read More]
Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, told an undercover cop he planned to storm Downing Street residence and 'decapitate' Theresa May... [Read More]
According to New Yorker, Israeli envoy Dermer raised US ire in seeking assurances on program; 'This is our f*ckin' house,' White House official reportedly said... [Read More]
PMO praises move against 'biased, hostile, anti-Israel organization'; UN chief, EU say they remain committed to international body... [Read More]
Top PA official says Trump administration efforts aim to further separate Palestinians in West Bank from those in Hamas-run enclave... [Read More]
Ahead of his Middle East trip, Jason Greenblatt says sit-down in Amman 'very important to both countries and to the entire region'... [Read More]
The Shin Bet reveals it captured a former lawmaker spying for Iran, but despite his past and lack of current access to secrets, nobody is... [Read More]
Verdict reached after Yatta resident Ismail Abu Aram confessed to 2017 terror stabbing in which Yavneh store manager was critically injured... [Read More]
Army says it targeted Hamas positions in response to arson attacks; no immediate reports of injuries on either side of the border... [Read More]
After months of strained ties, prime minister makes surprise trip to Amman to discuss peace process and Jerusalem holy sites... [Read More]
Boris Johnson calls permanent item on Palestinian territories 'disproportionate and damaging,' vows to vote against such resolutions starting next year... [Read More]
Israeli aircraft conduct raids in northern Strip, hitting nine Hamas targets; no reports of injuries as projectiles launched toward Ashkelon; one rocket falls short... [Read More]
Ex-politician, previously jailed for drug smuggling, arrested in Guinea and extradited to Israel last month, accused of giving Tehran sensitive information about security, energy... [Read More]
Two years after Oded Guez fled rather than grant wife bill of divorce, Haifa court uses secret legal procedure to nullify the marriage retroactively... [Read More]
Rafah crossing was open for month of Ramadan and now reportedly will stay open throughout summer for humanitarian reasons... [Read More]
Secretive new underwater missile system is 'digital,' boasts electronic warfare capabilities, greater range and precision, and even the ability to hamper enemy detection... [Read More]
Non-religious Jews can now refrain from work on the day of rest without being questioned about their beliefs... [Read More]
Egret seen rummaging around land blackened by blazes caused by incendiary kites and balloons... [Read More]
'We have the scientific ability... but it is not our current policy' as most enemies already within range, claims Mohammad Ali Jafari... [Read More]
'Sperminator' Ari Nagel accuses Health Ministry of preventing Israeli women from bearing children using his samples... [Read More]