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Summer is a time when most of us head for the outdoors — even if it's just our own backyard. [Read More]
Shingles seems to be gaining more public attention as new treatments and vaccines are released. [Read More]
A severe outbreak of influenza is affecting people of all ages across the United States. Here's the how and why. [Read More]
At the start of a new year, people often resolve to have a healthier lifestyle. [Read More]
COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in our state of Kentucky. [Read More]
The wonderful, refreshing crisp air of autumn can unfortunately lead to worsening asthma for children who experience this serious breathing program. [Read More]
When the brain experiences a rapid rotation or position shift within the skill, it can cause a brain injury called a concussion. [Read More]
As a board certified pediatrician and mom to four children, I confess that it is a challenge to feed my children healthy food that tastes... [Read More]
Patients often ask me, "Why am I so tired all the time?" This question, of course, has many possible and complex answers. Caring for our... [Read More]
Spring has arrived and is quickly becoming summer, leading to an increase in seasonal allergy and asthma symptoms. Our Ohio River Valley region is one... [Read More]
Parents have become familiar with the word autism in recent decades, and unfortunately there is still much fear and misunderstanding regarding the diagnosis and treatment... [Read More]
The topic of discussion this month can be a difficult one to address but an important one to acknowledge. Depression is a medical illness that... [Read More]
As Valentine's Day approaches and many people have hearts on the mind, don't forget to think about your own heart and how important it is. [Read More]