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Unicef study identifies reading, singing and drawing as 'missing links between survival and school' that hinder development of 25% of two- to four-year-olds... [Read More]
Teaching staff in KwaZulu-Natal province under investigation as mobile phone footage implicating them in savage attacks on students circulates online... [Read More]
Rights campaigners accuse government of chasing lucrative arms contracts while spurning Geneva conference 'where decisions made could save millions of lives'... [Read More]
Fresh outbreak of violence after decades of ethnic tensions has prompted tens of thousands of people to flee to Bangladesh... [Read More]
Aid agencies warn of a growing humanitarian crisis as violence against the Muslim ethnic minority pushes 15,000 people into Bangladesh each day... [Read More]
Images from other conflicts, some decades old, are being used as propaganda in the struggle between Rohingya Muslims and the military in Rakhine state... [Read More]