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Employees claim they were implored to sign letter vouching for senior UNAids figure, amid calls for the UK government to establish an independent inquiry into... [Read More]
Roland van Hauwermeiren was forced out of Liberia role with charity Merlin over sex worker allegations in 2004, before working for Oxfam... [Read More]
Group claims UNAids investigation into senior official undermined by conflict of interest and calls for independent review of allegations... [Read More]
Report warns hundreds of thousands of people may be pressured to go back to Syria despite daily threat of shelling in many places... [Read More]
Charcoal is vital to everyday life in Uganda, where wood fuel is widely used for cooking and boiling water — yet producing it has disastrous... [Read More]
One in four children live in countries affected by conflict or disaster, says Unicef, though billions required in assistance unlikely to be met... [Read More]
World Food Programme official suspended pending inquiry as UNAids declines to comment on scrutiny of deputy director... [Read More]
By Rebecca Ratcliffe The United Nations has allowed sexual harassment and assault to flourish in its offices around the world, with accusers ignored and perpetrators free to... [Read More]
Study says country's severe food shortages are ignored by global media, with emergencies in Eritrea and Burundi similarly overlooked... [Read More]
Exclusive: Guardian investigation points to culture of impunity as UN employees allege offences including rape... [Read More]
Exclusive: Guardian investigation points to culture of impunity as UN employees allege offences including rape... [Read More]
Human Rights Watch report accuses western politicians of driving global misrule by feeding off public fear and discontent... [Read More]
Local authorities ask public to watch for signs of exploitation as research suggests gaps in reporting across some areas... [Read More]
Newborns in danger of malnutrition and disease as huge influx of refugees from Myanmar puts pressure on basic services in Cox's Bazar shelters... [Read More]
World Health Organization warns hospitals could be plunged into darkness by end of February without fresh funding to keep emergency generators running... [Read More]
The Arimathea Trust and the Naccom network give a roof and advice to people who fled war and poverty only to find destitution... [Read More]
When ruthless armed fighters descended on her district, Rosen Moseba lost everything. Four years later, the country's crisis shows no signs of abating... [Read More]
Allocation of food rations by household means refugees fleeing persecution in Myanmar are marrying off children as young as 12 to create new family circles... [Read More]
Fall in global funding and weak UK initiative hamper attempts to save Rohingya and help victims in other conflict areas... [Read More]
Parliamentary committee advises caution over development funds channelled through private education, citing insufficient evidence that this boosts learning... [Read More]