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Parliamentary committee advises caution over development funds channelled through private education, citing insufficient evidence that this boosts learning... [Read More]
As allegations of abuse come to light concerning the UN and charities, we want to hear your stories of working in the humanitarian sector... [Read More]
Inequality and vulnerability of technology-based voting systems to corruption also identified by researchers as factors in slowing spread of democracy... [Read More]
As 400,000 people in coastal communities await emergency assistance after first deadly cyclone, aid workers warn Typhoon Kaikui will inflict further misery... [Read More]
When sectarian conflict wrought division in Boda, women in the southern Central African town formed a united front to appeal for calm. Three years on,... [Read More]
High court in London hears evidence of company's alleged complicity in killings, beatings and evictions of villagers by armed police in northern Sierra Leone... [Read More]
Survivor testimony points to widespread use of sexual slavery and violence by warring factions, with women affected unable to access healthcare or support... [Read More]
'Horrors' condemned by human rights group as witnesses claim soldiers abused, stabbed and shot dozens of people at residential compound in Rakhine state... [Read More]
In the UK, only 46.5% of working-age disabled people are employed. In the first of a two-part series, jobseekers with disabilities describe the hassles and... [Read More]
Government bans public gatherings in country's capital as World Health Organization sounds alarm over sharp increase in infections of deadly disease... [Read More]
Leaders urged to break the silence around the issue as report reveals every year 1.7 billion children across rich and poor countries experience abuse... [Read More]
A&E departments risk 'grinding to a halt' as number of patients waiting more than 12 hours for treatment soars... [Read More]
Unicef study identifies reading, singing and drawing as 'missing links between survival and school' that hinder development of 25% of two- to four-year-olds... [Read More]
Teaching staff in KwaZulu-Natal province under investigation as mobile phone footage implicating them in savage attacks on students circulates online... [Read More]
Rights campaigners accuse government of chasing lucrative arms contracts while spurning Geneva conference 'where decisions made could save millions of lives'... [Read More]
Fresh outbreak of violence after decades of ethnic tensions has prompted tens of thousands of people to flee to Bangladesh... [Read More]
Aid agencies warn of a growing humanitarian crisis as violence against the Muslim ethnic minority pushes 15,000 people into Bangladesh each day... [Read More]
Images from other conflicts, some decades old, are being used as propaganda in the struggle between Rohingya Muslims and the military in Rakhine state... [Read More]
Threats, looting and violence prompt withdrawal of aid organisations at height of malaria season, denying access to healthcare and leaving thousands at risk... [Read More]
Letter to UN human rights council from coalition of 62 organisations calls for investigation of airstrikes that have destroyed schools, hospitals and homes... [Read More]