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It's possible Donald Trump committed an explicit act of obstruction of justice that could lead to impeachment by trying to force the Department of Justice... [Read More]
FOX Business Host and resident crank, Lou Dobbs, really doesn't like that Jim Acosta was allowed to get his press pass back after a district... [Read More]
Donald Trump appears to be getting worried about whether Mike Pence is loyal. [Read More]
Is alleged Russian spy Mariia Butina trying to work out a plea agreement with federal prosecutors? It appears so, if the document filed in federal... [Read More]
One of the products sold is a special toilet for the "well endowed" man. Yes, you read that right. [Read More]
The latest GOP excuse is absolutely laughable: they claim that Kavanaugh has miraculously found detailed calendars he kept from 36 years ago about all of... [Read More]
Grassley posted a few tweets to Kavanaugh and about Dr. Ford, but it is unclear what he actually means. [Read More]
When given a chance to compliment their opponent, Beto takes the high road while Cruz makes numerous despicable digs. Beto nails him, declaring "True... [Read More]
Cruz continues to show why he is flailing in the polls with his pathetic attempt to link kneeling with flag burning. [Read More]
The White House has zero desire to investigate allegations of sexual assault by their ace in the hole judge, Brett Kavanaugh, and they will never... [Read More]
In a truly shocking story, a woman who had been abducted managed to escape and tell law enforcement that the man who allegedly abducted her... [Read More]
Latest reports on the heels of Paul Manafort's guilty plea in D.C. point to Michael Cohen working with the Special Counsel as well. [Read More]
Is he trying to stall his case or does he need cash to pay his lawyers? [Read More]
So did Kavanaugh knowingly lie? Or did he accidentally lie? Because it is pretty clear he lied. [Read More]
Sarah Sanders' handed out the NY Times phone number, while suggesting that anyone who wants to know the identity of the Anonymous Op-Ed writer bombard... [Read More]
One of the more bizarre stories to come out of the pre-release coverage of Woodward's book "Fear" is the story about Gary Cohn taking documents... [Read More]
How many affairs did Hunter actually have? This indictment talks about five possible ones.... [Read More]
The first person to start the NFL kneeling silent protest is the face of the 30th anniversary "Just Do It" ad campaign from NIKE. [Read More]
Jessica Manafort wants to be known as Bond, Jessica Bond. [Read More]
Donald Trump continues his descent into madness, ranting against Mueller at every possible chance... [Read More]