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In 1904, Bayard Wootten, a divorced single mother in North Carolina, first borrowed a camera. She went on to make more than a million images. [Read More]
A reissue of "The Beautiful Smile" looks back on Nan Goldin's highly personal work that combines art photography with a snapshot aesthetic. [Read More]
An upcoming show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston explores the idea of family: from the ones shown in portraits to the fleeting... [Read More]
Helen Levitt, who apprenticed with Walker Evans in the subways, learned a thing or two about clandestine portraits. [Read More]
More than just providing of shade, fruit or wood, trees are nature's documentarians, witnessing – and sometimes playing a role in history. [Read More]
A recently republished book sorts out the life of Tina Modotti as an artist and activist — and the long shadow of Edward Weston. [Read More]
Igor Posner returned to St. Petersburg looking for the "half-seen, half-recollected" moments that had stayed in his mind since he left Russia in the early... [Read More]
A traveling retrospective finally recognizes the work of Peter Hujar, whose photos of gay life were overshadowed by those by his contemporary, Robert Mapplethorpe. [Read More]
In Afghanistan, a woman who has premarital sex or cheats on her husband can be charged with moral crimes and imprisoned. Many of these women... [Read More]
As a recent acquisition by the Museum of Modern Art shows, August Sander's desire to produce a complete survey of German society led to a... [Read More]
"Richard Estes: Painting New York City" opens March 10 at the Museum of Arts and Design. [Read More]
A 12-year-old girl followed him everywhere. And she got the part. Abderrahmane Sissako tells what it's like to make a reality-based movie in Mauritania. [Read More]
Rather than flee to safe havens in America or Israel, some 2,700 Jews who survived Auschwitz returned to their European town in what is now... [Read More]
In the backs of pickup trucks, construction workers lie among tools and blankets, headed to the city for a day's work. Alejandro Cartagena turned his... [Read More]
Every day, hundreds of workers in Mexico begin their days lying down in the back of pick-up trucks. Alejandro Cartagena does not know much about... [Read More]
A noted photographer talks about a favorite image — from the hundreds of thousands he's shot in the past three decades — that never quite... [Read More]
Photographers "searched their attics, basements and hard drives, looking for photographs that they have always liked, but for one reason or another, have gone unpublished... [Read More]
For the International Day of the Girl Child, we wanted to bring to light issues that are often hidden from view. So we turned to... [Read More]
Whether on Japan’s street or shores, Issei Suda takes pictures like a swordsman, with light swiftly slicing the scene. [Read More]
In the new exhibit "Genesis," the noted photographer Sebastiao Salgado shares his vision of "a kind of state of humanity of the planet," from Amazon... [Read More]