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Killer robots are a threat to humanity, scientists were told yesterday, and polling suggests that opposition to autonomous weapons systems is rising. Mary Wareham, co-ordinator... [Read More]
The obstacle course that sperm face as they race to fertilise an egg has been recreated by scientists in a breakthrough that may improve IVF... [Read More]
Scores of baby chimpanzees are snatched from the wild and sold through social media websites each year. Conservationists now hope to expose the criminal gangs... [Read More]
The contraceptive pill can impair a woman's ability to read other people's emotions and may affect her close relationships, a study suggests.Research found that women... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence has conquered Go and chess, producing the best players ever seen, and now the AI revolution is trying something harder: making machines more... [Read More]
Forget the allure of a refreshing G&T at the 19th hole: golf is under orders to transform itself into an athletic, accessible sport fit for... [Read More]
Scientists have identified the oldest known animal fossil thanks to a residue of ancient cholesterol.The classification of the mysterious Dickinsonia had long been one of... [Read More]
Monkeys that were taught to gamble have helped scientists to pinpoint an area of the brain that appears to be key to the willingness to... [Read More]
Scientists have shed new light on the evolutionary origins of our sociability by giving a few grumpy octopuses the rave drug Ecstasy.Octopuses are known for... [Read More]
Scientists have discovered a link between dysfunctional "zombie cells" in the brain and the accumulation of a damaging protein tied to dementia, potentially opening the... [Read More]
A British satellite has used a net to capture a simulated piece of space junk.The test mission, the first of its kind, was carried out... [Read More]
They are best known for ruining picnics, but research suggests that wasps have been unjustly neglected by science and deserve a similar place in our... [Read More]
For those prone to disgracing themselves in front of strangers, there is good news: poor first impressions are quickly forgotten. Humans are predisposed to forgive... [Read More]
Pollution from plastics is being embedded in the environment to such an extent that it will be visible in fossil records millions of years from... [Read More]
Archaeologists have identified what they say is the earliest known drawing. Found in the Blombos Cave archaeological site in South Africa, it pushes back the... [Read More]
A decision by the European Union to promote the use of wood as a "renewable fuel" will greatly increase the continent's greenhouse gas emissions and... [Read More]
Three daily portions of full-fat dairy products may help to maintain a healthy heart, according to a global study that goes against conventional dietary guidelines.... [Read More]
Military researchers are developing drones that might never need to land to refuel as they keep watch over troops and carry out surveillance.The system involves... [Read More]
Bob Woodward, the journalist whose work on Watergate helped to topple Richard Nixon in 1974, has disclosed the subject of his next book: the "harrowing... [Read More]
Scientists have completed a new, high-quality map of the DNA of the golden eagle as part of a project that they hope will unravel mysteries... [Read More]