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Stottlemyre was an anchor for the pitching staff during the late 1960s and early '70s. He was later the pitching coach for Yankees and Mets... [Read More]
He was a top amateur player and a nightclub headliner in the 1950s and '60s, scoring a hit record with "Band of Gold." He was... [Read More]
The N.H.L.'s first Czech-born player and a nine-time All-Star, he teamed with Bobby Hull to revive a floundering Chicago franchise in the 1960s. [Read More]
My millennial students are on to something. [Read More]
On an emotional day in October 1944, Mr. Fuchs sang Sabbath hymns at the first Jewish service to be broadcast on German soil since the... [Read More]
Later a successful college coach, in 1950 he was a key to what many consider the greatest upset in the history of international soccer. [Read More]
"We were the first to be here, and for the first time in this war a German soldier looked upon the coast of the U.S.A." [Read More]
Ms. Bueno won 19 total Grand Slam titles and, with a pink underskirt and matching underwear at Wimbledon, is said to have prompted the tournament's... [Read More]
The epitome of a baseball lifer, Schoendienst was a key figure for the Cardinals and was also their longest-serving manager. [Read More]
His last-minute leaping reception in 1982 propelled the San Francisco 49ers toward the first of four N.F.L. championships they would win in the 1980s. [Read More]
A Marine combat veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, he collaborated on three books that took a critical view of American policy in the... [Read More]
Alan Bean, who became the fourth man to walk on the moon and turned to painting years later, died Saturday at age 86. [Read More]
Alan Bean stepped onto the lunar surface preceded by Pete Conrad, the mission commander of their Apollo 12 flight, in November 1969, four months after... [Read More]
After leaving NASA, Mr. Bean, a former Navy test pilot, became a full-time artist, creating images of space exploration. [Read More]
A top golfer in the 1950s who had honed his game in the Bronx, he won in 1957 at Augusta after taking the P.G.A. championship... [Read More]
He was accused of overall responsibility for one of Vietnam's darkest days. [Read More]
Charged with involuntary manslaughter of at least 100 civilians, Captain Medina denied ordering the killings and was acquitted at a court-martial. [Read More]
In the era of Oscar Robertson and Jerry West, Greer was a brilliant and prolific star guard in his own right, leading Philadelphia to the... [Read More]
A star pitcher in high school, Scheib had never seen a major league baseball game. But in 1943, at 16, he began playing for the... [Read More]
Nicknamed Le Grand Orange while playing for Montreal — he was 6-foot-2 and had curly red hair — Staub made six All-Star teams in his... [Read More]