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The FDA has approved a generic version of the EpiPen to treat dangerous allergic reactions, but it remains to be seen how much that will... [Read More]
Young women with simple pregnancies can safely ask a doctor to induce labor, a study finds. It doesn't increase their risk of needing a C-section... [Read More]
This fascinating book is a sequel of sorts to the previous similar book "Rejected Princesses," by an author flippantly described on the jacket as "some... [Read More]
When you go to your doctor's office, sometimes it seems the caregivers spend more time gathering data about you than treating you as a patient.... [Read More]
Researchers are looking to redeploy drugs used for years to treat cholesterol and high blood pressure as remedies for influenza and Ebola. [Read More]
Formerly considered useless, or maybe a parasite, the stretch of DNA known as LINE-1 actually plays "a key role" in creating an embryo and embryonic... [Read More]
A timeline along the wall of the Historic Lyric Theater's current exhibit, on Miami's black health care history, looks like an EKG. The first beat... [Read More]
Are some people getting too much treatment for their cancers? The answer, from the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago, is an emphatic... [Read More]
This brief book, "On Tyranny," is a short but very thoughtful discussion of 20 steps citizens of a democracy need to take to guard against... [Read More]
If you go to the hospital for medical treatment and scientists there decide to use your medical information to create a commercial product, are you... [Read More]
Scientists are training computers to read CT scans and eventually catch pancreatic cancer early. [Read More]
The death rate is a contentious subject, in part because federal and island governments haven't responded as rapidly to the disaster as they have in... [Read More]
This psychological novel is the second by author Rebecca Kauffmann, author of "Another Place You've Never Been." This new book is unusual in that it... [Read More]
An antibody-based drug reduces the frequency of migraine headaches, according to data reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. The agency approved Aimovig, priced at... [Read More]
Sometimes less may be better when it comes to treatment for breast cancer. A new study finds that women who have been diagnosed with early-stage... [Read More]
Doctors are prescribing fewer drugs to children, especially antibiotics. But use of certain drugs include ADHD medications has increased. [Read More]
First Lady Melania Trump underwent an operation Monday at a military hospital just outside of Washington, D.C. Her office said it was to treat a... [Read More]
Two big studies aim to rigorously test what could be a revolutionary treatment for a common and deadly disease: sepsis. Many doctors are awaiting the... [Read More]
Prolific legal mystery/thriller writer John Grisham has come up with a truly different story for his latest effort. Although there are no murders in this... [Read More]
Have you ever wondered exactly what some of those people who received the lesser-known Academy Awards actually do? [Read More]