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Britain has accused Moscow of orchestrating the poisonings, a charge that Russian officials have responded to with defiance and ridicule, and the dispute has led... [Read More]
Officials did not say whether the men were connected to the Russian government, which Britain has accused of being behind the nerve agent attack on... [Read More]
Recently, I received a (meant to be humorous) email that explained why life is simpler for men than for women. "Our last name always stays... [Read More]
A German court convicted a young migrant who is believed to be from Afghanistan of murdering his 15-year-old girlfriend and sentenced him to 8 1/2... [Read More]
It was not clear what impact the rebuke of Rouhani would have. Officials said the matter could be referred to the judiciary, which could, in... [Read More]
Here are questions and answers about allegations that Francis helped cover up a cardinal's misconduct and about the deeper church disputes behind them. [Read More]
Vaccines protect people from illness with minimal risk. [Read More]
Experts warned for years the Morandi Bridge, was in poor shape and potentially dangerous... [Read More]
The collapsed bridge illuminates the larger issue of Italy's difficulty in making strategic decisions, which leads to immobility. [Read More]
No central authority tracks or enforces maintenance of Italy's aging transportation network — and that is a big problem, experts say. [Read More]
Genoa's chief prosecutor announced that he would conduct a criminal investigation into the failure of the Morandi Bridge. [Read More]
Warnings issued years before deadly collapse. [Read More]
As the death toll climbed in Italy, demands mounted to hold someone accountable for the failure of the Morandi Bridge. [Read More]
Buildings and vehicles were crushed by the collapse in Genoa, while some people somehow survived. An official said that the bridge had shown previous "signs... [Read More]
Genoa, Italy A bridge in the heart of Genoa collapsed on Tuesday, killing 26 people as dozens of vehicles and tons of concrete and steel... [Read More]
Buildings and vehicles were crushed. The deputy transport minister said that the bridge had shown some "signs of problems" in the past. [Read More]
Hardly any clinical problem demands more from a patient AND a physician than diabetes. The condition demands a special diet, significant exercise, lots of monitoring,... [Read More]
The case could be an important step for women. Many Muslim couples have marriages the law does not recognize, so they cannot go to court... [Read More]
A woman can be a mason if she joined as a man, the society has announced, and a man can join the masons if he... [Read More]
The British Supreme Court grudgingly ruled that a woman must remain married to her husband. The court said it had never considered a case like... [Read More]