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In some cases, the priests listed as having a history of sexual abuse passed through the schools in careers that spanned as many as 30... [Read More]
New Utrecht Reformed Church is one of New York's oldest congregations. After 15 years of renovations, worshipers have returned to the building, but they still... [Read More]
US marine archaeologists say remains of ship that charted Australia may be off Rhode Island... [Read More]
The discovery has stirred hope that the remains could be excavated in time for the planned celebrations in 2020 of the 250th anniversary of Captain... [Read More]
US marine archaeologists say remains of ship that charted Australia may be off Rhode Island... [Read More]
Researchers believe they have found the remains of Captain James Cook's vessel at the bottom of a Rhode Island harbor. [Read More]
Recent political scuffling has underscored a view that sexism in Parliament is rampant, keeping women from entering politics and driving at least one member to... [Read More]
The Australian investigation examined abuse in religious institutions, schools and other establishments, finding that many of the cases of suspected abuse involved Roman Catholic priests... [Read More]
Catholic officials in Australia the proposal would violate a sacred rite, infringe on religious freedom and do little to protect children from predatory priests. [Read More]
Scott Morrison, who was sworn in last week, has talked openly and often about his evangelical Christian faith — a rarity in Australian politics. [Read More]
Madison Jane Lyden, 23, was killed while bicycling in New York during 'the trip of a lifetime.' A garbage truck driver has been charged in... [Read More]
Lyle, who competed in more than 120 P.G.A. tournaments, was recognized for his persistence in returning to golf after multiple bouts with leukemia. [Read More]
State officials announced lawsuits targeting a half-dozen sites around the state where communities are still feeling the effects of pollution. [Read More]
Like publications in the rest of the country, New Jersey's suburban newspapers pulled back as their business model vaporized, leaving fewer reporters to dig into... [Read More]
Lawmakers have responded to a crisis in local news coverage by dedicating public money to fund journalism in what is believed to be the first... [Read More]
The decision is seen as a step toward decriminalization in New Jersey. It comes amid a push to make it the latest state to legalize... [Read More]
Linda Daniels relied on an oxygen machine, and died hours after her power was shut off for overdue bills. Her family is pushing for answers. [Read More]
The woman positioned herself near Lady Liberty's feet for more than three hours before rescuers hooked to safety ropes took her into custody. [Read More]
Two years ago, an 18-year-old was injured in a Central Park explosion. The police released a new photo this week as the investigation lags. [Read More]
Officials in Jersey City aim to use Independence Day festivities as a way to declare their grand ambitions for the future. [Read More]