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Joan Ryan MP has quit Labour and joined the newly formed Independent Group. Ryan cited anti-Semitism concerns and Labour's stance on Brexit in a letter... [Read More]
Facebook is making more hires in robotics. The Silicon Valley tech giant is hiring a visiting scientist to work on robotics hardware — including "legged... [Read More]
Other Facebook employees have reacted with outrage to the rules, calling them "inhumane." [Read More]
Facebook has banned a network of fake accounts that were trying to influence politics in Moldova. The social network says the campaign had links to... [Read More]
Uber has reportedly held early talks with Deliveroo as it attempts to build out its take-out delivery service — but it's not the only company to... [Read More]
BI PRIME: Facebook isn't just a big source of traffic for media companies — it's also one of their biggest competitors. [Read More]
Facebook is on a mission to help people who speak different languages understand one another. It's using M Suggestions, its virtual assistant in Messenger, to... [Read More]
Instagram is reportedly testing a feature that lets users reshare other users' photos — something users have wanted for a long time. It'd work similarly... [Read More]
When Facebook crashes, traffic to news outlets spikes. Data from analytics firm Chartbeat shows that when the Silicon Valley social network goes down, people flock... [Read More]
BI PRIME: Language translation is incredibly difficult — but the pay-off is huge. [Read More]
Apple Apple's new phone, the iPhone XR, is an iPhone with a difference. It's actually colourful and fun. For years, Apple has just... [Read More]
For years, Apple has fetishized glass and chrome at the expense of approachability — but it is now finally make fun, colorful phones again. [Read More]
Two brothers are trying to help tech workers find jobs at hot startups most likely to increase tenfold in value. Ling and Thomas Bao are... [Read More]
The amount of time people are spending on Facebook is dropping. Compared to a year ago, time spent on the social network has fallen by... [Read More]
Facebook's blood donation feature in India risks being abused by black market blood peddlers. Local blood donation experts told Business Insider the product can be... [Read More]
Facebook's first Asian data center is coming to Singapore. It's a bit boxy. [Read More]
Facebook Facebook's data center empire is expanding into Asia. This week, the Silicon Valley social networking giant announced that it is spending... [Read More]
BI PRIME: India has a serious black market blood problem — and local experts fear Facebook's well-meaning blood donation tool could make the problem worse. [Read More]
Drew Angerer/Getty Images Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testified before Congress on Tuesday over election interference and allegations of anti-conservative bias. The tech executive... [Read More]
Right-wingers are convinced that social media firms are disciminating against conservatives. [Read More]