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The flu season started early this year, and is already widespread throughout the country and intense in dozens of states. But it's not too late... [Read More]
Fears that this winter would bring a nasty flu season appear to be coming true. Healthy officials say this year's season started early and it's... [Read More]
Scientists use a new gene-editing technique to prevent mice destined to go deaf from losing their hearing. (This piece initially aired Dec. 20, 2017... [Read More]
Life expectancy in the U.S. fell for the second year in a row in 2016, nudged down again by a surge in fatal opioid overdoses,... [Read More]
Success with a new gene-editing technique in mice prone to deafness highlights the potential for using it to prevent a form of inherited hearing loss... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration approved Luxturna, a genetically modified virus that restores by ferrying a healthy gene into the eyes of patients born with... [Read More]
FDA says homeopathy has grown into a $3 billion industry with treatments being sold for conditions ranging from the common cold to cancer. The agency... [Read More]
Many marketing claims about the potential benefits of probiotics have raced ahead of the science, say researchers who are now trying to catch up. One... [Read More]
Health officials are warning that the United States may have an unusually harsh flu season this year. But officials stress flu seasons are notoriously... [Read More]
Health officials fear the U.S. may have a nasty flu season because the main flu virus circulating this year tends to hit people hard and... [Read More]
After decades of hope and disappointment, doctors have now been able to treat several different types of genetic conditions by giving each patient a healthy... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration says there's not enough proof that the herbal supplement kratom works for opioid withdrawal and other conditions, and that it... [Read More]
It's a Sunday morning at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, a famous African-American church in Harlem. The organist plays as hundreds of worshipers stream into the... [Read More]
Scientists have used CRISPR, a new gene-editing technique, to create pigs that can keep their bodies warmer, burning more fat to produce leaner meat. [Read More]
Gene therapy, which has had a roller-coaster history of high hopes and devastating disappointments, took an important step forward Thursday. A Food and Drug Administration... [Read More]
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Authorities in Las Vegas say at least 50 people were killed when a gunman opened fire on outdoor concert-goers Sunday night. And, the three Americans... [Read More]
The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to three Americans. [Read More]
Himanshu Patel ran a convenience store in Georgia until about a year ago, when his liver failure got so bad he had to quit. ... [Read More]
Researchers disabled a gene that they think helps determine which human embryos will develop normally. The technique they used is controversial because it could be... [Read More]