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Compared to people who don't exercise much at all, those who engage in light to moderate physical activity, such as walking at least four hours... [Read More]
In a timely New York Times Op-Ed today, Dr. Richard A. Friedman, Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, eloquently describes the biological... [Read More]
While the habit of checking your smartphone at night may seem like an innocent practice, the reality is that it could actually be leading to... [Read More]
U.S.T.A. Officials have now implemented a new "10-minute heat rule" for men as well as women , with temperatures above 90F combined with stifling humidity.... [Read More]
Based on new data from the CDC, rates of three sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)--gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis broke a new record in 2017, attaining their... [Read More]
Based on the results of a recent study, researchers at the University of Waterloo used AI and radar technology to measure and detect changes in... [Read More]
In the future, the next time you need a battery to power a device, instead of searching for a Duracell, you may be reaching into... [Read More]
Findings from a new study demonstrate that 4 biomarkers were able to accurately and reliably distinguish among patients with major depression, bipolar depression, and healthy... [Read More]
According to data from a new study, new fathers may be just as likely as new mothers to develop postpartum depression. [Read More]
Findings of a new study suggest that a high sensitivity blood test can accurately and reliably determine whether a CT scan is necessary in patients... [Read More]
A group of researchers from Tufts University have developed a "smart bandage" which has the ability to monitor a wound for infection, and deliver antibiotics... [Read More]
researchers have utilized CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing in mice with a form of Fragile X Syndrome to alter gene expression, resulting in reduction of repetitive behaviors.... [Read More]
The most revolutionary technology in medicine today, and perhaps science in general, is CRISPR. It holds vast applications, from curing genetic diseases, detecting and treating... [Read More]
"Hands Only" CPR is the current recommendation from the American Heart Association for bystander CPR during cardiac arrest. Knowing how to administer CPR effectively is... [Read More]
Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23 and Me, recently agreed to provide DNA kits to test migrant families that have been separated at the border in... [Read More]
Taking Ambien does not cause you to become a racist, but it can reveal your deep, inner thoughts. [Read More]
Persistence and a unified, targeted approach can pay off for doctors when parents are reluctant to vaccinate their children against HPV, the human papilloma virus,... [Read More]
Leaving your vehicle for just an hour in the hot sun, or even in the shade, creates conditions that can lead to heat-related illness for... [Read More]
Investigators now believe that a potent and highly toxic batch of K2 led to 56 overdoses and at least 15 arrests since Saturday throughout various... [Read More]
A man on a balcony in his home in Pahoa, Hawaii was injured by a lava spatter that resulted in a devastating injury to his... [Read More]