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In response to the guest column by Jack Evins ("Diverse opinions are what support democracy," The Daily News, Aug. 22): He isn't completely right about... [Read More]
In response to the guest column by the Rev. James E. Daniels ("Trying to move forward in a backward America," The Daily News, June 4):... [Read More]
There may be another cause of school shootings that few people even think about. I read an article by Dr. Bruce West in which he... [Read More]
In October last year, Saudi Arabia became the first country in the world to give a robot citizenship. When taking to the stage to announce…... [Read More]
In response to Dan Freeman ("Defend religious freedom by opposing religious right," The Daily News, Jan. 20): To a large extent I agree with him.... [Read More]
In response to the guest column by Tommy Frankovich ("You can't believe the Bible and in macroevolution," The Daily News, Dec. 14): The idea of... [Read More]
Don't blame the NHS for denying vital medication, say members of a new activist group, Just Treatment. Blame the pharma companies hooked on huge profits... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence is already capable of creating a staggering array of content. It can paint, write music, and put together a musical. It can write... [Read More]
Sex robots, long a staple of science fiction, have begun receiving a lot of real-world attention. Unlike sex dolls, their inanimate counterparts, sex robots blend…... [Read More]
AI has the potential to revolutionize health care, if done right. [Read More]
Healthcare inequalities are systemic and closely intertwined with social inequalities. In the US, black men and women can be expected to live a decade less…... [Read More]
On the Fourth of July, Michael Smith wrote "When people who deserve better get sorry treatment from those who govern, they can accept it meekly... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence is not just creeping into our personal lives and workplaces—it's also beginning to appear in the doctor's office. The prospect of being diagnosed…... [Read More]
In response to Victor Sierpina ("It is about the end-user, dummy!" The Daily News, May 10): No plan will work as long as health insurance... [Read More]
As with many new fields, synthetic biology—which incorporates disparate disciplines like engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and molecular bi ... [Read More]
In an editorial ("Fake news is a wake-up call," The Daily News, Dec. 16) Leonard Woolsey says: "People's lives depend on access to a stream... [Read More]
In response to the editorial by Michael A. Smith ("Climate change is real and its effects are here," The Daily News, Oct. 19): There are... [Read More]
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump on Friday after months of withholding his support from the Republican presidential nominee who defeated him... [Read More]
In the column "Small giant speaks of big lesson" (The Daily News, July 10) Leonard Woolsey says, "We should never lose our motivation to understand... [Read More]
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