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Elizabeth Warren's Accountable Capitalism Act would begin to restore our unique, Ben Franklinesque brand of American capitalism. Her sophistical critics, by contrast, are no more... [Read More]
Senator Warren's new Accountable Capitalism Act will begin to restore that uniquely American form of capitalism which made America's middle class - and with it,... [Read More]
Gun death rates in the U.S. reflect that datum. Our rate is literally twenty-five times — i.e., 2,500 percent higher than — the average rate... [Read More]
Much of Trump's claim to authority lies in his public identity as a putatively successful "business tycoon." [Read More]
Those who are now borrowing to bet on Bitcoin are making a serious mistake. It is one thing to bet on a promising new technology.... [Read More]
Donald Trump's attempt to install an employee whom he can fire at will at the helm of an independent agency established by Congress is effectively... [Read More]
Our present system of corporate taxation rewards creative accounting and penalizes domestic production. It also favors foreign and multinational firms over genuinely American firms. A... [Read More]
Is it the fact of his tweeting, or the contents of his tweets, that troubles us most about Mr. Trump's fondness for Twitter? By imagining... [Read More]
Republican leaders must object either to ObamaCare's insuring 20 million more Americans or to its failure to stop price rises. The first interpretation is too... [Read More]
Senator Warren's Wells Fargo letter to Fed Chair Yellen reminds us of something important: between slap-on-the-wrist fines and full jailing of bankers lies a broad... [Read More]
The 'Financial CHOICE' Act mistakes asset price hyperinflation in secondary markets for real growth in primary markets. It would snuff out economic recovery by once... [Read More]
Judge Neil Gorsuch could make a powerful statement on behalf of the rule of law, at no cost to himself, by requesting that Mitch McConnell... [Read More]
Some suggest last week's health care debacle shows President Trump to be mired in 'the swamp' that he planned to 'drain.' In fact, it presents... [Read More]
The ambitious Donald Trump who promised infrastructure renewal, trade rebalancing and universal health insurance seems to have gone missing. When will he return? [Read More]
We should expand, not diminish, Obamacare. And we should do so for reasons not only of justice or charity, but of efficiency. [Read More]
Latest Fed rate hike announcements suggest we fix trade and infrastructure first, taxes second. [Read More]
Mr. Trump's Tuesday night address was a fine reset. Here's how to follow-through. [Read More]