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This is Women's History Month and my daughter is to be celebrated as a woman trailblazer. Family, friends, and Facebook contacts of family and friends,... [Read More]
An overriding questions is, will there be one or two of them on the United States Supreme Court? [Read More]
"Unhinged!" is the title of the book written by the long-time "apprentice" to President Donald Trump, Omarosa Manigault-Newman. This president's prolific lies alone make him... [Read More]
April 26 is the opening date for the Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. It is a memorial to the VICTIMS of lynchings. This very important... [Read More]
"Emma Gonzalez for President!!!" This tweet was cause for an immediate reaction that engendered a big sympathetic grin, knowing the idea to be absurd. After... [Read More]
Why is it legal for anyone to own an AR-15? This is a weapon of war with no redeeming features when it comes to civil... [Read More]
Michael Wolff's recent book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," has revealed the disaster we have in the Trump presidency. White House aides... [Read More]
This column is appearing around the second anniversary of my "new career" as a columnist. My first Morning Sun column is dated November 21, 2015.... [Read More]
This nation owes Senator John McCain (R-AZ) an immeasurable thank you. It could be argued that he saved this nation from total disaster. Remember what... [Read More]
We don't see it, but we can be rest assured that Abraham Lincoln is not just rolling over in his grave, but is spinning at... [Read More]
This president is sowing the seeds for a total disaster! Charlottesville was just one example. White supremacists Richard Spencer of the Alt-right and KKK Wizard... [Read More]
"Houston, we have a problem!" [Read More]
It was great that the Senate Democrats stood up to the bullying of the Republican Party in its "stealing" the Supreme Court appointment from President... [Read More]