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A magnitude 3.4 earthquake just woke up people in California. Here's what caused it, and why it's not a harbinger of something scarier. [Read More]
Check out the first, jaw-dropping panorama ever taken from the surface of the Moon's far side, courtesy of China's space agency and its Chang'e-4 lander. [Read More]
A particularly strange article about Yellowstone is showing up on Google, making a rather bizarre claim. Let's debunk it, shall we? [Read More]
It's being reported that a volcano in Iceland is gearing up to engage in a major eruption. Here's the thing: that's 100 percent false. Here's... [Read More]
MKUltra isn't a work of fiction, but a real-life CIA program that looked into psychological warfare and the tenuous subject of 'brainwashing.' Here are the... [Read More]
You can't base health advice off a single scientific study, just as you can't take people's health tips at face value. Here are a handful... [Read More]
The Lake Nyos Gas Disaster in 1986 led to the deaths of thousands within mere moments, without physically injuring them. What happened, and could this... [Read More]
A freaky jellyfish turned up on a beach in New Zealand recently - but it's a more common sight than you may at first assume. [Read More]
There's a lake, frozen throughout most of the year, that's full of skeletons. How did they all get there? [Read More]
Synthetic sandalwood appears to cause hair cells to secrete more of a hair growth hormone. This isn't a cure for baldness, but it's certainly a... [Read More]
A huge, but observational, study links air pollution to an increased dementia risk in over-50s. [Read More]
Firefighters versus firenado is a battle you need to see. [Read More]
Computer simulations suggest that the Large Magellanic Cloud once merged with another dwarf galaxy, which explains several of its strange features rather n... [Read More]
Has your cat ever brought home a bag of hard drugs? Apparently, at least one has. [Read More]
Turmeric supplements, whose benefits to health are tentative and inconclusive for the most part, may have triggered hepatitis in one woman in Arizona. [Read More]
Someone in the UK, using Google Maps, claims they've found the outline of flight MH370 in the Cambodian jungle. Here's why they haven't. [Read More]
A criminal investigation resulted in the closure of a solar observatory in New Mexico for 10 days. It's now re-opened, and an official statement explains... [Read More]
Does eating spicy food give your brain a buzzy feeling? Here's the science as to why that may be. [Read More]
A scary-sounding story about fish pedicures is doing the rounds. Should this make us all worry about dipping our toes in the water? [Read More]
A thief used customer service to get his smartphone to unlock a Tesla Model 3 before driving it away, according to reports. [Read More]