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What the heck? "American Idol" is starting to fade fast and not just when it's up against "The Voice." Last night "Idol" Categories: ... [Read More]
George Stephanopolous's interview with former FBI director James Comey was a ratings bonanza for ABC last night. But the 9.7 mil viewers Categories: ... [Read More]
Kanye West returned to Twitter this afternoon. He's been gone for about 14 months after having a meltdown, breakdown, whatever. He's posted a few times... [Read More]
Word has spread from "Game of Thrones" that the show has finished filming a 55 day battle scene, its biggest and longest ever, and presumably... [Read More]
John Krasinski must be on the phone to Jordan Peele at all hours. He's joined Peele in the Horror 100 million club. Tomorrow night, Monday,... [Read More]
Everyone is raving about Beyonce's performance yesterday at the Coachella Festival– they're calling it "Beychella" now. And no one liked it more than Adele, who... [Read More]
Robert DeNiro andBen Stiller were the surprise guests last night in the cold opening for "SNL." They re-created their "Meet the Parents" scene in which... [Read More]
Milos Forman, the great director of Oscar winning films, has died at age 86. Forman, who was Czech, gave us "Amadeus," "One Flew Over the... [Read More]
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told BuzzFeed's Anthony Cormier last year that in July 2016 he was in Capri, Italy with actor and musician Steve van... [Read More]
It's Cardi B's world right now and we just live in it. The stripper turned rap star with a heart of gold has finished the... [Read More]
Rocker Huey Lewis, one of the nicest guys and most popular soft rock stars ever, has some terrible news. He's lost his hearing to doctors... [Read More]
Most Cannes-philes are excited because "Solo: A Star Wars Story" will premiere on Tuesday, May 15th at the Palais des Festivals. But there's another premiere... [Read More]
 Remember when Taylor Swift was anti-streaming and anti-Spotify? What quaint thoughts. Now Spotify's Daniel Ek has wooed Taylor to the point where she's recording special... [Read More]
UPDATE: Last night, Maddow had a 400,000 viewer lead, 3.5 million to 3.1 million. EARLIER Donald Trump is flailing, his world is crumbling, and Sean... [Read More]
Listen, this is how great the revival of "Carousel" is at the Imperial Theater: Amy Adams and her husband Darren LeGallo flew in from L.A.... [Read More]