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"Dr. Eden Wells is a strong advocate for public health and has proven many times over that she cares about what happens to the residents... [Read More]
Only a few court appearances remain for Flint water crisis defendants before the end of 2018, when a new attorney general takes office and the... [Read More]
Special prosecutors claimed Wells was responsible for the death of John Snyder, who died from Legionnaires' disease after he was a patient at McLaren-Flint hospital. [Read More]
The charges against her claim Wells is responsible for the death of John Snyder, whom special prosecutor Todd Flood has argued died from Legionnaires' disease... [Read More]
"If the order is deemed final, the city will immediately be required by law to comply with it," Lewis said in an email to MLive-The... [Read More]
"The nurse case managers have worked hard in the field to identify families to enroll in case management ... Throughout the process the state of... [Read More]
The bridge, which spans 225 feet of the Flint River between Flushing and Beecher roads, will be winterized until work can start again in warmer... [Read More]
"The allegation is completely false. Dr. Wells did not lie, and never instructed anyone else to lie, about this or anything else," the statement... [Read More]
Attorneys for Scott and Peeler have denied the charges against them but won't begin to roll out their cases in detail until Flood rests his. [Read More]
"This has the effect of essentially removing the high levels of (contamination) prior to collecting ... samples," Del Toral said. "I would definitely not recommend... [Read More]
"Something has to be done," he said. "PFAS is a big issue, and Richfield is going to get the same attention" as other contaminated sites... [Read More]
But Jerold Lax, an attorney for Wells, argued in Tuesday's court filing that Flood has been engaged in a "desperate, scattershot last-minute effort to convince... [Read More]
"I feel good that hey have more access to go and see what really happened," said Cook-Hawkins, who says in the film that her supervisor... [Read More]
"To date, CORE members have made over a half million visits to homes across the city. While some residents have declined a CORE visit... [Read More]
"Imagine if you went to the doctor and the doctor found out that you had cancer and they didn't tell you and then changed the... [Read More]
"It is indirectly related to the Flint water crisis because that prompted conversations with residents about water quality and water infrastructure within ... homes," Bob... [Read More]
"The city should ensure that the projects remain on schedule or expedite the schedules," Holst's letter says. "Continued delays in project construction severely delays the... [Read More]
"This is the site of one of the worst failures of governance," Hayes said early in the show. "You can't blame people for feeling jaded... [Read More]
"If allowed to proceed, this case will have a terrible chilling effect on those serving in state government as well as those merely considering such... [Read More]
"As for the film in general, in no way, shape or form does it help the residents of Flint or Michigan," Communications Director Ari Adler... [Read More]