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It still feels like summer here at home and even the start of fall will not be cool. Maria has pounded Puerto Rico with 140... [Read More]
Fall begins Friday but summer weather will stick around. Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico with 155 mph winds. [Read More]
Maria will affect the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico with possible catastrophic winds and storm surge. [Read More]
Hurricane Maria bearing down on the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. [Read More]
In the final days of summer, it will still feel like it. So will the first few days of fall. Lows will be either side... [Read More]
What a great weekend. Weather will cooperate with only a few showers Sunday. [Read More]
Jose now a tropical storm but will strengthen to hurricane status. The track will be watched closely. [Read More]
The heat is returning to the Ark-La-Tex. After 50s and 60s this morning lows Friday will be in the 60s to near 70 followed by... [Read More]
It is unusual to find 3 tropical systems churning in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico at the same time. One is a major hurricane, another is... [Read More]
While Hurricane Irma rips and roars in the Caribbean, our weather couldn't be better. [Read More]
Hurricane Irma is pounding the Caribbean on its way to Florida. [Read More]
 It is quite unusual to find three tropical systems churning in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico at the same time. [Read More]
Autumn won't officially arrive until just after 4PM on Friday, September 22nd.  ... [Read More]
Your Labor Day weekend looks great with just isolated showers Sunday and highs in the 80s to near 90. [Read More]
Your holiday weather will be great with only a slight chance of showers Sunday. Highs will be in the upper 80s. [Read More]
As Harvey heads out, we have to start tracking a rapidly developing Cat. 2 Hurricane Irma. [Read More]
Harvey lingers a while longer but should move well away from the area tonight. [Read More]
Wind and heavy rain likely as Harvey gets closer. [Read More]
Tropical Depression Harvey is poised to move out of the area tonight followed by sunshine Friday. [Read More]
As Harvey heads our way, heavy rain will be possible. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect today and tonight. [Read More]