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Friday morning, Judge Timothy Kelly ruled in favor of CNN and reporter Jim Acosta in their request for a temporary restraining order to force the White House... [Read More]
With Julian Assange apparently facing charges, the extradition treaty between Ecuador and the U.S. has a loophole that might protect him. [Read More]
Democratic leadership made it clear that impeachment was not on the agenda---barring a bombshell report from Robert Mueller---but that they could use other... [Read More]
Thursday night, Whelan posted (and later deleted) the yearbook photo of a classmate of Kavanaugh's, suggesting he was the real culprit. The move has drawn... [Read More]
CNN's Chris Cuomo likes to ask the tough questions in his interviews, but he may not have expected to be on the receiving end of them... [Read More]
In March 2015, Brett Kavanaugh gave a speech at Catholic University Law School, during which he recalled his high school days at Georgetown Prep. Those days... [Read More]
avanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegations, but the idea that he was intoxicated at a high school party appears to be consistent with what's written... [Read More]
If the allegations are true, what might that mean for Kavanaugh now? [Read More]
Back in July, I wrote about how a Newsweek article pushed the limits of how journalism can still be quite slanted, even if it technically falls... [Read More]
On Wednesday, Mueller filed a response, justifying his office's decisions, and arguing against Manafort's efforts to suppress certain potential exhibits. Among... [Read More]
Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice" arrives with lawyer Gloria Allred at the New York County Criminal Court on December 5, 2017, in... [Read More]
Well after CNN and Fox News stopped live coverage of Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing, more than eight hours into his testimony,... [Read More]
As expected, it got pretty wild, and not just because of the frequent outbursts from protesters. These were some of the most controversial moments of... [Read More]
Moore says the premise of the show is to "falsely and fraudulently induces unsuspecting victims, such as Judge Moore, to be interviewed under dishonest, unethical,... [Read More]
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is in the middle of a grueling confirmation hearing, and he hasn't even had to answer a single question yet. At... [Read More]
Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing is taking place this week, and there are several hot-button issues that are sure to come up, from... [Read More]
A bar fight between two local news personalities broke out after meteorologist Chelsea Ambriz allegedly hit on anchor Erica Bivens' husband. [Read More]
DOJ lawyer Bruce Ohr recalled a meeting he had with Christopher Steele during his closed door meeting with the House Oversight Committee. [Read More]