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Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Friday that the browsers of Tesla cars will be updated to run on the Chromium web browser — which... [Read More]
Investors are putting upwards of $400 million into quantum computing startups, but many experts believe there will be a "quantum winter." Right now, experts say... [Read More]
In January, Atlassian hired its first vice president of product Noah Wasmer, who joins Atlassian from VMware. As the vice president of product and head... [Read More]
As Microsoft Teams turns two years old, it's adding new features designed to help front line workers and improve collaboration and security. Microsoft Teams is... [Read More]
On Tuesday, app data platform App Annie announced it crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue. It also launched a new product called Mobile Web... [Read More]
Months after Atlassian acquired Opsgenie, Jay Simons, Atlassian's president, explained why the company is spending $166 million to buy AgileCraft. [Read More]
Intel and the Department of Energy will build Aurora, the U.S.'s first exascale supercomputer. It can do a quintillion calculations per second. [Read More]
or one billion times one billion calculations per second. To put that in perspective, if every person on earth did one calculation per second... [Read More]
Microsoft announced Monday that it's teamed up with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Washington to create the Northwest Quantum Nexus, to... [Read More]
Quantum computers are an extremely exciting technology, promising the raw computing power to crack previously-unsolvable problems. IBM has an early lead in quantum computing,... [Read More]
Online harassment and a lack of inclusion are issues in the open source space, and the board elections for the Open Source Initiative showcase this. [Read More]
(RNS) — Geoengineering can be controversial because it intentionally interferes with the climate system. Religious groups are now being invited to weigh in on the ethics. [Read More]
Imagine a future in which your boss tracks how often you email management, how often you talk face-to-face to your coworkers, how long it takes... [Read More]
In this op-ed, writer Rosalie Chan explains the Chinese Exclusion Act, a discriminatory immigration policy that targeted Chinese immigrants for six decades. [Read More]
Getty Bevan Fields, a junior at Millersville University, first saw signs about light therapy around campus her freshman year. Initially, she was skeptical, but her... [Read More]
The agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory can find the tiniest microorganisms—something that turned out handy for breast cancer researchers. [Read More]
For one thing: Sharks might become... gentler? [Read More]
A scientist was inspired while watching a spider spin its web—and noticing the wind couldn't knock it down. [Read More]
Science offers some clues on whether or not this skill can be learned — and leaves room for hope in the future... [Read More]
(RNS) — Researchers say empathy is not only a biological instinct, but also a skill human beings can learn and improve upon. [Read More]