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On Tuesday, design platform InVision announced it has raised $115 million in series F funding. This year, the seven-year-old company will cross $100 million... [Read More]
Analysts used to worry that the cloud would swallow $65 billion VMware's business whole. Now, they say, VMware is on the right track. [Read More]
Paula Goldman will join Salesforce as its chief technology ethicist. [Read More]
Salesforce will hire Paula Goldman as its first Chief Ethical and Humane Use officer. Goldman will spearhead a new Office of Ethical and Humane Use,... [Read More]
Interest in cloud skills and positions has increased for employers and job seekers. Here's why it's the next skill to bet your career on. [Read More]
Amazon's cloud business, Amazon Web Services, has to keep a check on Microsoft in the cloud wars, analysts say, and this is apparent from AWS's... [Read More]
Okta's stock closed a little over 10% on Thursday, the first full day of trading after it reported quarterly earnings and beat Wall Street's expectations.... [Read More]
Looker, a business intelligence startup based in Santa Cruz, California, just raised $103 million in a series E funding round. Looker is now at... [Read More]
At Amazon's annual cloud conference, AWS re:Invent, Business Insider sat down with Ed Sim, founder and managing partner of Boldstart Ventures, to talk about the... [Read More]
(RNS) — Geoengineering can be controversial because it intentionally interferes with the climate system. Religious groups are now being invited to weigh in on the ethics. [Read More]
Imagine a future in which your boss tracks how often you email management, how often you talk face-to-face to your coworkers, how long it takes... [Read More]
In this op-ed, writer Rosalie Chan explains the Chinese Exclusion Act, a discriminatory immigration policy that targeted Chinese immigrants for six decades. [Read More]
Getty Bevan Fields, a junior at Millersville University, first saw signs about light therapy around campus her freshman year. Initially, she was skeptical, but her... [Read More]
The agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory can find the tiniest microorganisms—something that turned out handy for breast cancer researchers. [Read More]
For one thing: Sharks might become... gentler? [Read More]
A scientist was inspired while watching a spider spin its web—and noticing the wind couldn't knock it down. [Read More]
Science offers some clues on whether or not this skill can be learned — and leaves room for hope in the future... [Read More]
(RNS) — Researchers say empathy is not only a biological instinct, but also a skill human beings can learn and improve upon. [Read More]
Asian-Americans are 3 times less likely than whites to ask for mental health help. [Read More]
It could lead to a less-risky polio vaccine that doesn't require the actual virus to work. [Read More]