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ONE of Iran's top military chiefs has hit out at Emmanuel Macron for his comments on the country's ballistic missile programme, branding the French President... [Read More]
FAMILIES will pay an extra £900million in inheritance tax over the next five years amid a crackdown by the taxman, the Office for Budget Responsibility... [Read More]
NEW YORK, the White House, Guam and Tokyo are among Kim Jong-un's top targets for a nuclear strike, according to a new report. [Read More]
ISLAMIC State has executed 15 of its own jihadis as the under seige terror cell descended into in-fighting, during a day of bloody violence in... [Read More]
CHRISTIANS are now the most persecuted religious group in the world and the religion could be wiped out in Iraq within three years, according to... [Read More]
GERMANY 'seems weakened' by Angela Merkel's failure to form a new coalition government, according to the leader of French President Emmanuel Macron's parliamentary party. [Read More]
NICK Clegg has struck upon a novel idea to reverse the Brexit steam train - by creating an army of birdwatchers. [Read More]
RESCUERS searching for a missing Argentinian submarine are reportedly investigating whether a 'heat stain' detected 230ft under the sea could be the lost vessel. [Read More]
DONALD Trump has targeted Spain in his latest crackdown on US imports, by slapping a new tariff on the country's olives. [Read More]
THIS is the moment a mysterious bright white object flies across the night sky moments before a plane bound for Heathrow makes its descent over... [Read More]
SWEDISH furniture giant Ikea has relaunched a recall of 29 million dressers after an eighth child was killed when a chest of drawers fell on... [Read More]
ANGELA Merkel's long reign at the top of German politics is very nearly at an end, according to a senior member of the country's Green... [Read More]
STORMS have hampered the search for an Argentinian submarine missing for a week with 44 crew on board. [Read More]
Gloucestershire Police confirmed officers are investigating the Severn Vale School pupil's death which is not thought to be suspicious at this time ... [Read More]
US MARINES have been training in ultra-protective battle gear in preparation for fighting in the middle of a nuclear war with North Korea. [Read More]
THE growing political crisis in Germany caused the Euro to plunge to a two-month low, creating widespread panic amongst investors. [Read More]
ANGELA Merkel has "failed' and her 12-year leadership of Germany is almost certainly at an end, according to one her former coalition partners. [Read More]
AT LEAST 15 people, mainly women and elderly people, have died in a stampede for food in a town in Morocco. [Read More]
OFSTED inspectors will ask Muslim schoolgirls why they wear a hijab to class, in a controversial new approach challenging conservative Islamic beliefs. [Read More]
EU MINISTERS will hold a Eurovision-style vote as they divy up two huge European agencies to be relocated from London following Brexit in a ballot... [Read More]