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Alabama officials certify Democrat Doug Jones as winner of special Senate election, despite fraud claims from Roy Moore. [Read More]
'It's time to move on,' he said. 'Alabama has spoken.'... [Read More]
It's been nearly two days since Democrat Doug Jones was declared the victor. [Read More]
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'They have defamed both of us repeatedly,' the attorney said, 'and ignored my numerous public demands for apologies and retractions.'... [Read More]
Roy Moore, the aspiring one-man vice squad, made social conservatives vote against their conscience. [Read More]
The Republican establishment in Washington breathed an unusual sigh of relief Tuesday as Roy Moore, their party's Senate candidate in a h... [Read More]
Jones managed to convince Alabama voters to elect a Democrat for the first time in more than 20 years. [Read More]
"The people of Alabama will do the right thing. Doug Jones is Pro-Abortion, weak on Crime, Military and Illegal Immigration, Bad for Gun Own... [Read More]
"Alabama voters have a chance to stand up for moral values on Tuesday, and as Coach Saban says, 'Character is what you do when no... [Read More]
No matter how responsible their coverage is, outside observers will always find a way to discredit it. [Read More]
'It would be unconscionable for Congress to not be vigilant and proactive in taking precautions to safeguard these children given the well s... [Read More]
'I did not date underage women. I did not molest anyone and so, these allegations are false,' Moore told 'The Voice of Alabama Politics' dur... [Read More]
Most Republican leaders in Alabama say they plan to vote for Roy Moore on Tuesday, despite sexual mi... [Read More]
Moore is facing a tough battle in the race to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate spot. [Read More]
At the event, Trump honored civil rights leaders, spoke of the desire for children to grow up "free from fear," and declared the nation will... [Read More]
Bannon already appeared on stage with Moore on Tuesday at a rally in Fairhope, Ala. [Read More]
Bannon already appeared on stage with Moore on Tuesday at a rally in Fairhope, Ala. [Read More]
The image of a Democratic Party courageously cleaning house while the Republican Party looks the other way is a scenario that GOP leaders fe... [Read More]
He has said riding a horse to vote is a family tradition. [Read More]