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An early Sunday morning accident between an SUV and a pedestrian has resulted in the death of a Hastings man. Anthony Epp, 27, was struck... [Read More]
I think my avocation as an amateur travel agent is going to have to be temporarily suspended. I have two family members who will be... [Read More]
I wonder what my work day is going to be like Monday. I'm sure a lot of you leave work on Friday feeling the same... [Read More]
I try not to make this week dissertation a weekly collection of "this is what happened to me this week." But sometimes, something happens that... [Read More]
I'm trying to decide if I should drop any more hints. Is there anything else that I would possibly get, whether I deserve it or... [Read More]
Just call me a sucker for tradition. That's what were going to call this today: Tradition. Not some easy idea for a column that just... [Read More]
Sports are on my mind as I ponder this week's ramblings. Seems to happen every year around this time. [Read More]
Young students from across Nebraska will be using the fairgrounds of the Nebraska State Fair as their classroom this week. [Read More]
Among many other attributes, summer tastes good. And the weird part of saying that, is what put the thought into my mind is something I... [Read More]
Whoever invented parks, we owe them a debt of gratitude. Sure, parks may be something we all take for granted as something that has always... [Read More]
I'm a little confused, but then again if you check in here every Friday, you know that's not real unusual for me. [Read More]
First of all, let's be clear, I won't be advocating for the elimination of air conditioning. You can't have mine. I like it. We use... [Read More]
The late comedian George Carlin had a great routine about "stuff". In a nutshell he talked about how all of us acquire stuff through the... [Read More]
I saw a group of people doing something the other day that got me wondering; "Would I do that?" No, I'm not talking about feats... [Read More]
Of all the labels out there, I can't imagine that anyone has ever tried to hook me with the label "control freak." [Read More]
I wonder how many new endeavors ever get through their "first time" event without a hitch? I wondered this one week ago when I was... [Read More]
Many of the missing signs are finally starting to show through. And I guarantee you I'm not the only person to put he emphasis on... [Read More]
Inanimate object No. 521 that has decided that it wanted to show me — the superior species of human being — just who exactly is... [Read More]
I've been impressed with kids lately. [Read More]
Big Brother is watching. It's a phrase I probably first heard in junior high. That's when we read the George Orwell novel 1984. It was... [Read More]