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In the garden, the tall Brussels sprouts stalks disappear in a snowfall/sleety rain that never stops, and it's time to mount a counter campaign. Fire... [Read More]
Are you kidding? Every 15-year-old girl who has had a scary experience of any kind runs right home to tell her parents? It doesn't have... [Read More]
When you take a short course to get a civilian's CPR certificate - that's cardiopulmonary resuscitation - one of the first things you learn is... [Read More]
Who, what, where, why and when - these are the five basics of news reporting, with an H (how) added by some latter-day purists.The what... [Read More]
From midnight till 11:59 p.m., today is the day of the worker bees. In the busy-ness of grilling burgers on the holiday, starting school, campaigning... [Read More]
We were startled last year when a glistening, round head popped up not far from the low tide shore where we were vacationing on Cape... [Read More]
My mother wore a cute outfit called a playsuit in the 1940s. It was basically a pastel plaid shirt-style top attached to shorts. Women, ladies... [Read More]
In her cotton house dress, stockings and black-tie shoes, Grandma would sit on her screened-in porch of an early August afternoon, looking old to us... [Read More]
Not the sharp bite of a bee you've somehow angered, nor the zing that sometimes accompanies a physician's needle. It's the more fascinating sting defined... [Read More]
So many people in this world are doing good things - tutoring kids, setting up Third World women in business, building houses for people willing... [Read More]
In Hungary in 1984, an Australian woman told us not to say the country was behind the Iron Curtain.They feel, she explained, that they won... [Read More]
My mother said pulling weeds was a great remedy if you were really upset about something. She recommended weeding the beets, especially, since it's picky... [Read More]
We flew to the Navajo reservation and park at Monument Valley recently and watched a Navajo woman demonstrate traditional talents, including carding the sheep's wool... [Read More]
Quite properly, Memorial Day weekend was laced with memories and, happily, created new ones. The goal was the oldest grandchild's college graduation in Lewiston, Maine... [Read More]
Advising graduates to change the world may be a common theme for college and high school ceremonies, but it's a message that hits home hard... [Read More]
Runners, bikers, parents or nannies with strollers and dogs of every color and size find respite from the cacophony of New York City in Central... [Read More]
Back when nearly everyone was smoking, quitters would brag about how much money they were saving now that they no longer bought cigarettes. For anyone... [Read More]
A while ago, sitting around a campfire in northern Arizona, we asked our guide about whether we should rent a car and drive, rather than... [Read More]
Fait accompli. The French phrase means 'it's done.' It's something that is not going to be undone. And it carries the extra weight of describing... [Read More]
A new Red Sox season often starts with a sigh. The players' equipment buses arrive in Boston, everyone is on the annual spring high, and... [Read More]