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If Senate Republicans confirm James Ho and Don Willett to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals before Jan. 20, Trump would surpass the record he... [Read More]
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital, a case about a Georgia security guard who said she was harassed... [Read More]
Attorneys representing Jameka Evans, the security guard, wanted the high court to overturn an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling and decid... [Read More]
Deputy attorney general tells 4th Circuit Court of Appeals that Trump's tweets are 'legally irrelevant.'... [Read More]
The judge asked the question during the federal appeals court's review of Trump's newest policy that bans people from several countries that... [Read More]
The Louisiana Republican gave examples of the kinds of pressure he could face that would not cause him to change his vote. [Read More]
The full Senate will now consider the nominations of Steven Grasz of Nebraska to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and Texans James C. Ho,... [Read More]
Senior Judge Michael Daly Hawkins wondered if the Trump administration's interpretation of federal law could produce 'Tom Hanks' example of... [Read More]
A federal judge in Hawaii ruled in October that Trump's newest travel ban "suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor." [Read More]
Justice Elena Kagan engaged the baker's attorney, Kristen Waggoner, in an extended discussion over which wedding services included protected... [Read More]
The justices in Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission will look to decide the constitutionality of Colorado's public... [Read More]
President Trump scored a victory on Monday when the Supreme Court granted his administration's request to allow the so-called travel ban... [Read More]
Some of the justices' remarks and questions appeared to show discomfort with allowing a federal law to tell states it cannot do something. [Read More]
The justices will review New Jersey's decision to repeal prohibitions on sports betting, which has pitted Gov. Chris Christie against all of... [Read More]
Sen. Kennedy cited concerns with the nomination process leading to Duncan's selection and the paperwork submitted to Congress regarding the.... [Read More]
The freshman Louisiana Republican is being criticized for his decision to vote against a Trump nominee this week and speak publicly about hi... [Read More]
"Professor Steven G. Calabresi should stop pulling imaginary stuff from his butt and impugning the integrity of federal judges in the proces... [Read More]
'I've served on the Judiciary Committee since January of 1993, and during my entire tenure our committee has never held hearings for five ci... [Read More]
The Louisiana Republican said his "unorthodox" use of the blue slip procedure to indicate his uncertainty on Kyle Duncan's nomination stemme... [Read More]
Carpenter v. United States provides the first insight into how the justices view privacy rights in the digital age. [Read More]