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The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth just dropped anchor in the Big Apple. Check out these awesome photos of Britain's flagship as it starts a... [Read More]
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis met his Chinese counterpart Thursday to discuss a host of tense issues. The meeting focused heavily on the... [Read More]
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and his Chinese counterpart Gen. Wei Fenghe, the Chinese defense minister, met Thursday to discuss a number of issues, particularly... [Read More]
Both US Air Forces in Europe and the Ukrainian defense ministry confirmed that a Su-27 fighter aircraft crashed Tuesday during the ongoing Clear Sky 2018... [Read More]
Concerned about the "pacing threat" that is the Chinese military, the US Air Force is looking to bolster its capabilities. The service wants more tanker... [Read More]
Satellite images from September 7 suggest that the Chinese Navy has acquired a new strategic bomber, increasing the amount of power China could bring to... [Read More]
The US Navy is one of the most visible aspects of American military power, and it turned 243 years old today. Check out these awesome... [Read More]
Facing threats from Russian artillery and integrated air defense systems, the US Army is developing four weapons designed to give US ground forces the edge... [Read More]
Matthew Freeman/U.S. Navy/Handout via REUTERS The Pentagon has made the decision to temporarily ground all F-35s in response to revelations from investigations into... [Read More]
As the US Army pursues accelerated modernization to meet future demands of high-end warfighting adversaries like Russia and China, the service is searching for an... [Read More]
The US Army is undergoing its largest modernization program since the 1970s, Secretary of the Army Mark Esper said at the Association of the United... [Read More]
US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley revealed new details for the service's next-generation squad weapons Monday at the 2018 Association of the United... [Read More]
Tens of thousands of troops from NATO allies and partners will join forces for joint military exercises from October 25 to November 7 in Norway.... [Read More]
Russia plans to immediately arm the Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft systems in response to the accidental shootdown of a Russian aircraft by Syrian forces during... [Read More]
Russian military aircraft — everything from bombers to fighters to spy planes — have ventured close to Alaska three times this month, with the most recent incident... [Read More]
A B-52H Stratofortress heavy long-range bomber reportedly demonstrated the ability to deploy 2,000-pound sea mines at distances of nearly 50 miles during the latest iteration... [Read More]
China reportedly sent a surveillance ship to spy on the recent joint military exercises with Russia, a move highlighting how lingering distrust and competitiveness weaken... [Read More]
AP Photo/Sergei Grits Moscow and Beijing heralded the recent Vostok 2018 war games in eastern Russia as a tremendous success, celebrating closer military-to-military... [Read More]
Following a show of force by the US Marine Corps in Syria, Russia has backed off its earlier threats to conduct operations in an area... [Read More]
Chinese recruiters are scouring the country in search of suitable carrier pilots for China's expanding fleet of aircraft carriers. The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy... [Read More]