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OXFORD, ENGLAND—Providing insight into the culture of early Western civilization, historians from the University of Oxford announced Friday the discovery of new evidence revealing that... [Read More]
Fast-food giant McDonald's announced it will roll out fresh beef at the majority of its domestic locations in a move to battle for customers' increasingly... [Read More]
PHOENIX ISLANDS, KIRIBATI—Claiming to have uncovered definitive proof that the pioneer aviatrix survived following her mysterious 1937 disappearance, forensic researchers announced Thursday that a variety... [Read More]
Employees in the new Apple headquarters have been repeatedly walking into its glass windows and doors, forcing some to call 911 due to mild concussions.... [Read More]
WASHINGTON—Urging journalists not to fixate on specious rumors and instead pursue topics of real importance, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders warned reporters assembled... [Read More]
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During my 48 years in this world, I've done my best to lead a good life. I've worked hard, been honest in my dealings with... [Read More]
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BALTIMORE—In a report many experts have described as deeply discouraging, researchers at Johns Hopkins University published data Thursday that suggest the average American adult walks... [Read More]
Over the past few years, interest in alternatives to traditional monogamous relationships has increased, and more people are experimenting with having more than one romantic... [Read More]
A Gallup study indicates a growing bias against having sons and towards having daughters in most American parents, with experts citing a "subtle fear of... [Read More]
NEW YORK—Capping a lengthy project to restore the iconic monument to its original form, New York City park officials announced Thursday that they have finally... [Read More]
FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Noting that the middle-aged individual walked in, dropped his towel, and began making small talk with those around him, sources confirmed Wednesday that a... [Read More]
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South Korean officials say Kim Jong-Un is willing to give up his nuclear ambitions if his regime is guaranteed safety by the United States. What... [Read More]
SAN ANTONIO—Seething after watching his players allow the wealthy to control the legislative process totally unopposed, head coach Gregg Popovich reportedly blasted the Spurs Wednesday... [Read More]
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MERIDIAN, ID—Approaching the mysterious beings with a sense of curiosity and wonder, 5-year-old explorer Olivia Reynolds reportedly made contact Wednesday with two unknown life-forms in... [Read More]
LEXINGTON, KY—Having spent his past 12 hours embroiled in the daily struggle to bring a relaxing sleep to customers nationwide, Tempurpedic CEO Scott L. Thompson... [Read More]