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The arbor is going to be a circle that is intended to bring people together, rather than divide and tear people apart. [Read More]
It's a loaded election year for Minnesota as there are many different candidates for various positions that citizens to cast their ballot for. [Read More]
This year, duck numbers are up for a variety of reasons, making hunters giddy to get out on the flood plains. [Read More]
The group plays Somali music despite only one member actually being from Somalia, showing that a group of unique people can unite when they have... [Read More]
"I think it's a great honor for our kids and our entire school community. It's really a reflection of a lot of people working... [Read More]
When it comes to getting kids interested in reading, bringing in people that they look up to, like the student–athletes, can go a long way. [Read More]
She is active and loves to play with toys, especially string toys. [Read More]
"We have the apple pie, apple crisp, we have hot dogs, we have our hamburger stand that's going to be up and running here shortly.... [Read More]
Tech Connect Plus offers a variety of services that include hardware and software installs, networking systems and everyday computer repair. [Read More]
The programs include fun, interactive activities such as kayaking, learning about butterflies and photographing nature. [Read More]
For five years now, Fairmont Elementary has put on a Take It or Leave It Winter Clothing Drive, providing free donated clothing to those who... [Read More]
According to WalletHub, more than 400 traffic fatalities are expected across the country while just under 48,000 serious auto accident related injuries are expected. [Read More]
"We're just asking citizens to turn off the air conditioning," said Windom Electric Superintendent Jason Sykora. "Turning it up will only post-pone when the... [Read More]
The Main Street project was big enough and unique enough to where MnDOT experimented and implemented something new to Southern Minnesota. [Read More]
The Exhibition Kitchen received a complete renovation that has people excited to watch their favorite celebrity chef cook up a mean meal in a sleek... [Read More]
This project is the culmination of over two years of planning, work and financial support from inside and outside the community. [Read More]
Don Wright says he runs to bring awareness to modern medications for cancer treatments... [Read More]
Anything you no longer want or need you can bring into the store and donate so they can ultimately sell it to someone who does. [Read More]
The Senior Games are an Olympic—Style event that features 25 different sporting events for people ages 50+. [Read More]
Thursday afternoon, candidates vying for Amy Klobuchar's senate seat gathered at Farmfest for a debate touching on topics that include the farm bill, immigration and... [Read More]