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Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove says he was delighted to learn that the Senate's latest health care proposal probably wouldn't survive. [Read More]
As a third round of NAFTA talks begin this weekend in Ottawa, the Commerce Department released a study that showed the ratio of U.S. content... [Read More]
The decreased Medicaid funding in Graham-Cassidy will threaten the financial viability of hospitals nationwide. [Read More]
In an interview on CNBC, Toby Cosgrove said that 22 percent of hospitals in the country are "running in the red" and would be harmed... [Read More]
A health consulting firm's analysis of the bill estimates Ohio would lose $9 billion by 2026, while states that didn't expand Medicaid - like South... [Read More]
Their letter said the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee has held hearings on ways "to make individual health insurance more stable and affordable,"... [Read More]
After tearfully telling a U.S Senate Committee how her daughter was murdered on Christmas Eve by a man who used to buy her for... [Read More]
Even as he's rolled back many of President Barack Obama's policies, President Donald Trump hasn't acted on a very high profile campaign pledge to Ohio. [Read More]
The Main Street Partnership has formed an official caucus, for moderate Republicans dedicated to pragmatic governing. [Read More]
Campaign travels by Niles-area Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan prompted MSNBC host Chris Matthews to ask whether Ryan is running for president. [Read More]
Peeved by the slow pace of promised reforms now that the White House and Congress are all under Republican control, members of the House Freedom... [Read More]
Bowling Green GOP Rep. Bob Latta, who authored the bill, said widespread deployment of self-driving vehicles would improve consumer safety by reducing traffic-related fatalities and... [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the DACA program will wind down after six months to give Congress time to address the fate of the program's... [Read More]
Democratic members of Congress including Ohio's Marcy Kaptur of Toledo, Tim Ryan of the Niles area and Joyce Beatty of Columbus are pushing for legislation... [Read More]
Research on dogs in Cleveland that's intended to help paralyzed veterans has upset animal rights activists and sparked a battle in Congress over whether to... [Read More]
On Monday, an organization run by Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman's former campaign manager, Corry Bliss, launched an ad called "Agree" that applauds Ryan for... [Read More]
A White House memo orders the Pentagon to set a legal standard to decide whether existing transgender troops should be ejected from the military. [Read More]
On Wednesday, the National Park Service rescinded a controversial 2011 policy that encouraged parks to eliminate the sale of bottled water. [Read More]
Now that he's running the country, it's time for President Donald Trump to make good on his campaign boast that he'd be a better trade... [Read More]