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Xiyue Wang, 37, a graduate student in history at Princeton University, has been convicted and jailed in Iran for being 'an infiltrating American agent'... [Read More]
Hassan Rouhani's supporters see his brother's arrest as part of efforts to undermine him during his second term in office... [Read More]
Tehran front pages run photographs of mathematician without head covering, showing her prominence overrode rules... [Read More]
Red Cross says there are more than 300,000 suspected cases in country where civil war has decimated health facilities... [Read More]
US border official says case of Mohsen Dehnavi, who was to work at Boston children's hospital, is unrelated to Trump's travel ban... [Read More]
Mohsen Dehnavi, along with wife and three children, may be sent home, Boston children's hospital says, two weeks after Trump's travel ban took force... [Read More]
Judiciary and police insist a car interior is public space but more women are defying authorities by driving with 'bad hijab'... [Read More]
Protests in Tehran suggests escalation in power struggle between Rouhani and Khamenei after landslide re-election... [Read More]
Lack of copyright has filled a nation of very keen readers with multiple versions of foreign books — doing artistic as well as financial damage... [Read More]
Ali Akbar Salehi, who helped negotiate 2015 deal, says US risks upsetting balance of power in Middle East... [Read More]
Hassan Rouhani questions political legitimacy of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after supreme leader embarrassed president at high-profile meeting... [Read More]
Under Hassan Rouhani's less repressive regime, female authors are starting to see their books in print, and daring to dream of greater independence... [Read More]
Fatemeh Afrasiabi's children live in Iran and her daughter says UK authorities in London and Tehran have been unhelpful... [Read More]
Revolutionary Guards fire into positions in Deir ez-Zour in retaliation for attacks on the Iranian parliament and shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini... [Read More]
The supreme leader's jewellery became the focus of frenzied speculation in a ballot where more than the presidency is at stake... [Read More]
As voters prepare to go to the polls this week, we look at the two frontrunners and examine what is at stake for the country... [Read More]
Mohammad-Baghar Ghalibaf steps aside to boost campaign of Ebrahim Raisi against reformist incumbent Hassan Rouhani... [Read More]
Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi throws his weight behind moderate incumbent before Friday's poll... [Read More]
Moderate hits out at conservative challengers Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and Ebrahim Raisi as well as Revolutionary Guard... [Read More]
Hassan Rouhani accused the country's powerful revolutionary guards of testing ballistic missiles emblazoned with anti-Israeli messages, at three-hour debate... [Read More]