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"I don't believe that voting rights should be forever stripped, and I don't believe restoration should be in the hands of a single person," she... [Read More]
States and activists said adding the question would cause fewer immigrants and minorities to respond. [Read More]
Despite its reputation as a progressive state, New York's election laws are extremely restrictive. [Read More]
Democrats say they plan to pass measures Monday that would establish an early voting period and pre-register 16- and 17-year-olds. [Read More]
"It's not like we're talking about something that exists in the atmosphere of Jupiter," Rep. John Sarbanes said of the For the People Act. [Read More]
The state is seen as one of the most progressive in the country, but lawmakers have been unable to change archaic laws that make it... [Read More]
An estimated 30,000 Puerto Rican voters in the state have limited or no English proficiency. [Read More]
About 1.5 million people can't vote in Florida because of a felony conviction. A proposal on the ballot this fall could change that. [Read More]
A new broad request for voter information in North Carolina is raising alarm bells. [Read More]
"Young voters in Michigan have faced unequal and consequential barriers in registering to vote and voting for the first time," the suit says. [Read More]
She says no one ever told her she was ineligible to vote because of a felony offense. [Read More]
One of Trump's top federal prosecutors in North Carolina is going after noncitizen voters, and it could have dire consequences. [Read More]
The court ruled the map so egregiously benefited Republicans that it violated the U.S. Constitution. [Read More]
A grand jury has indicted 19 noncitizens on charges of illegal voting in the 2016 election, federal prosecutors in North Carolina announced Friday. ... [Read More]
and voter fraud in general - is exceedingly rare, several studies have shown. [Read More]
Civil rights groups threatened lawsuits if the changes were made. [Read More]
His dismissal comes amid accusations that his proposal discriminated against black voters. [Read More]
The proposed measures would strip power from the governor, but the amendment descriptions don't mention that. [Read More]
Officials in majority-black Randolph County lack the data to back a proposal to shutter most voting spots. [Read More]
The veto requires "an honest conversation about why you wouldn't want to empower people to participate in the political process," an advocate said. [Read More]