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Yup, that looks like Lara Croft alright. A new official image of the upcoming Tomb Raider movie has been released, and I gotta say, it... [Read More]
A super slim PS4 model could be on store shelves before year's end, according to a new rumor from DigiTimes. In an article discussing how... [Read More]
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Liars, tigers, and explosives, oh my! Two new Walking Dead season 7 finale trailers are teasing a violent and bloody end as Rick Grimes and... [Read More]
A new Justice League trailer is set to hit the web on Saturday, March 25 - but Warner Bros... [Read More]
EA fans, mark your calendars: tickets for the EA Play event in Hollywood this June will go on sale starting April 20. Well, "sale" might... [Read More]
Production on the Black Panther solo movie is currently underway, and it looks like the film will be just as action-packed as its predecessors. Photographers... [Read More]
A new Justice League trailer is set to hit the web on Saturday, March 25 - but Warner Bros. wants to start revving your engines... [Read More]
It's not just Morgan's gender that you can choose in Prey; developer Arkane wants you to make choices all throughout the game, from how you... [Read More]
An image of what some are claiming is a Destiny 2 poster advertising a September 8 release date and what looks to be beta access... [Read More]
Still haven't evolved that Magikarp into a Gyarados? Need a few more Dratini candy before you can get that uber-powerful Dragonite? Fret not, frustrated Pokemon... [Read More]
it turns out Dern won't tell anyone, even her own children, her role in the upcoming film."It's hard in our own house. 'Mom, you can... [Read More]
Woody Harrelson is a talented actor, able to portray a wide range of characters. And in a new interview with Collider, he took on the... [Read More]
Those of us who grew up with a console in the house have been conditioned in the way we approach the medium. We often see... [Read More]
Do me a favor before you read this article: go to your kitchen, and grab the salt. Pour it, ever so gently, into your hand,... [Read More]
After weeks upon weeks of teasing, Blizzard is finally letting its newest Overwatch hero out into the wild. Orisa, the omnic security robot customized by... [Read More]
Zazie Beetz wasn't the favored pick for the role of Domino in Deadpool 2 - she's a relative newcomer to Hollywood, and doesn't have the... [Read More]
I'm half white and I do martial arts and I could easily play that role. So I was excited," Tan said. "And then I read... [Read More]
Arkane isn't afraid to scrap previous work in order to make the best game possible. Heck, the upcoming Prey - which parent company Zenimax bought... [Read More]