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UK prime minister Theresa May sounded steely today (Sept. 21) as she made a surprise speech in the wake of stalled Brexit talks with the…... [Read More]
South Africa's Constitutional Court has passed down a judgment that makes it legal for adults to cultivate and smoke marijuana in their homes. The court—the…... [Read More]
Addiction to any drug—be it alcohol, tobacco, opioids or illicit drugs, like cocaine—is a chronic disease that causes a compulsive drug-seeking behavior individuals find difficult…... [Read More]
The world is being flooded with technology designed to monitor our emotions. Amazon's Alexa is one of many virtual assistants that detect tone and timbre…... [Read More]
This post originally appeared at LinkedIn. Follow the author here. I don't know anyone who couldn't use a little boost in their energy and self-control.…... [Read More]
Last spring, Paul Strode gave an unusual survey to his advanced biology students at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. The first five questions were:…... [Read More]
When we listen to a foreign language, we may hear sounds which do not exist in our mother tongue, and may sound different from anything…... [Read More]
Seventeen years ago, on Sept. 11, 2001, al-Qaeda conducted the most destructive terrorist attack in history. An unprecedented onslaught from the US followed. One-third of…... [Read More]
We all know eating "healthy" food is good for our physical health and can decrease our risk of developing diabetes, cancer, obesity, and heart disease.…... [Read More]
When somebody can juggle lots of things at the same time, we often say that they are good "multitaskers." All of us multitask once in…... [Read More]
For a great many animals, survival in a world of eight billion humans may hinge on avoiding conflict. That's especially true for tigers, whose last…... [Read More]
In the Lake Apopka region of Florida, a typical August day might yield a high temperature of 92F, a heat made all the worse by…... [Read More]
Long before I saw Crazy Rich Asians last weekend, when it opened in Taiwan, I was reading everything I could about it. I read the…... [Read More]
Arizona senator John McCain—scion of Navy brass, flyboy turned Vietnam war hero and tireless defender of American global leadership—died on Saturday (August 25) after a…... [Read More]
"Just how old do you think my dog is in dog years?" is a question I hear on a regular basis. People love to anthropomorphize…... [Read More]
It took Claude Shannon about a decade to fully formulate his seminal theory of information. He first flirted with the idea of establishing a common…... [Read More]
In Colombia's coffee-producing region of Risaralda, small trees run along the sharp incline of the Andes Mountains, carefully tended in tidy rows. Thousands of green…... [Read More]
Christina Pearson was 14 years old when she started pulling out her hair, creating bald patches on her head. She was taken to a psychiatrist,…... [Read More]
Former US president Barack Obama famously had a wardrobe full of identical suits. As a world leader, life presents more than enough big decisions—Obama's reasoning…... [Read More]
The northern hemisphere is currently suffering an unprecedented heatwave. In Japan, more than 100 people have died and tens of thousands more were hospitalized due…... [Read More]