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He was a founder of El Puente, which bridged political and ethnic divides in Williamsburg to curb gang violence and instill a collaborative spirit. [Read More]
Anne Russ Federman, who gained a New York brand of culinary celebrity as one of three sisters with whom Joel Russ shared the name of... [Read More]
She and her two sisters inherited the venerable Lower East Side appetizing store Russ & Daughters, a temple of lox, herring and so much more. [Read More]
New books survey parks, monuments, museums, gardens, small towns and bike routes for those interested in exploring but maybe not hopping on a plane. [Read More]
All the details on Spider-Man: Far From Home - the sequel to Homecoming and the first MCU Phase Four film... [Read More]
Rising from beat cop to high-ranking posts in New York, he had a hand in investigations of the mob, Abscam, corruption scandals and a child-killer... [Read More]
Overcoming the studios' initial reluctance, Mr. Blay in effect redefined the term "home movie" with a product that made him a multimillionaire. [Read More]
The convoluted and baldly political history of "home rule," the legal quirk that allows the state to make decisions for New York City. [Read More]
A British-born former cowboy in South America and a "Wild Kingdom" TV star, he went on to deploy mobile clinics to treat the underserved and... [Read More]
A sociology professor's newest urban walking guide takes on the borough of Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown and Inwood. [Read More]
Two new books explore the drama surrounding the murderous love triangle between Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K. Thaw and Stanford White. [Read More]
His family was deported from Peru to an American wartime internment camp, setting him on a mission to have the wrongs redressed. He died still... [Read More]
He was serving a life sentence for his role in importing heroin and was accused of plotting to murder the mastermind of the theft of... [Read More]
In 1979, just a few months before Amber Tatro turned 4, her family notified the Irving, Texas, school district that she would be ready for... [Read More]
"Amber's legacy," said Perry A. Zirkel, professor emeritus of education and law at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, "amounted to a major step forward for students... [Read More]
Disabled from birth, she was at the heart of a case seeking services that it said school districts were required to provide. The Supreme Court... [Read More]
He oversaw corrections systems in three states, promoting programs to improve life for inmates while being accused in some quarters of "coddling" them. [Read More]
She and her husband founded Academy Chicago, which sold feminist, mystery, literary and children's books and jousted in court with John Cheever's family. [Read More]
New books featuring prominent sites, proposed walks and maps cover subjects like rock 'n' roll, architecture, the history of Harlem and pop culture. [Read More]
Since 1970, when he established a major treatment program in New York, Dr. Newman emerged as a global expert on opioid addiction. [Read More]