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Aleksander Torshin, a former Russian parliamentarian and banking official accused of laundering money for organized crime by Spanish authorities last year, met with Donald Trump, Jr.... [Read More]
The streaming giant's latest Marvel series is an ultra-violent take on a difficult character, championed by neo-Nazis, that feels needlessly nasty in the current climate... [Read More]
Sam Clovis, an academic and one-time rightwing talk radio host, was an early supporter of presidential candidate Donald Trump, switching... [Read More]
A new report from watchdog group Global Witness says that a Colombian money launderer currently in U.S. custody participated in... [Read More]
A new report from watchdog group Global Witness says that a Colombian money launderer currently in U.S. custody participated in... [Read More]
Almost no one sets out to be an asset to a foreign intelligence service, and many who do aren't even... [Read More]
After a business meeting in preparation for the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, a Russian who attended the meeting told Donald Trump's personal bodyguard... [Read More]
At the urging of President Donald Trump, CIA director Mike Pompeo met with former NSA official and Russian email hack skeptic William Binney in October,... [Read More]
Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch's week did not improve on Wednesday. Fresh off a hiding Tuesday from Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), Stretch appeared before the... [Read More]
"Do you have a profile on me?" That was Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) to Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch, in a moment that seemed... [Read More]
Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch on Tuesday offered broad details about the way Russian ads were targeted on the platform, something journalists and citizen groups... [Read More]
A Google executive told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that the company had discovered two Russian-operated ad accounts that spent $4,700, and also had... [Read More]
A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the social media portion of Russia's 2016 election interference opened Tuesday with portentous statements from Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-SC),... [Read More]
Paul Manafort financed a lavish lifestyle with money laundered through offshore accounts, with expenditures including more than $1.3 million in purchases at Beverly Hills and... [Read More]
Twitter is barring Russian state news services Sputnik and Russia Today from advertising on its platform, the company announced on its blog Thursday. Twitter cited an... [Read More]
The National Review's Jay Nordlinger wrote Sunday that one of Vladimir Putin's fiercest critics had been barred from entering the U.S.—and the outcry was immediate.... [Read More]
In one of the stranger aspects of the Russian influence campaign reported to date, the Federal News Agency (FAN) troll farm funded activism and social... [Read More]
As many as 100 unwitting activists were recruited to help organize events in the United States both before and after the election by the same... [Read More]
Reporters and analysts have long suspected and, over the past several weeks, confirmed that Russian cyberactors were running propaganda campaigns under the noses of three major... [Read More]
The celebrated New Yorker cartoonist on his intricate graphic memoir Monograph, his love for Peanuts and why his grandmother is his favourite storyteller... [Read More]