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Buried in a Washington Post story out Sunday night is a surprising new development: Facebook's cybersecurity team told the FBI in June 2016 that it believed the Russian... [Read More]
The latest addition to the Star Trek canon has found a bona fide star in Sonequa Martin-Green, but the world around her lacks the deep... [Read More]
Facebook initially withheld the thousands of ads it says were purchased by Kremlin-affiliated trolls from Congress because some of them contain photos stolen from other Facebook users, a congressional... [Read More]
In a reversal from its previous position, Facebook announced Thursday that it would hand over to Congress 3,000 advertisements bought over the course of the 2016... [Read More]
Every few days, a fresh press report or one of the various federal and congressional probes offers a new glimpse into the Russian government's interference in the... [Read More]
The much-loved animated comedy has been briefly reincarnated as an old-fashioned radio play and showrunner David X Cohen talks about what the future of the... [Read More]
Recent weeks have clarified a few things about Facebook and the broad campaign of Russian interference in the 2016 election. We know a Kremlin-affiliated... [Read More]
RT @KT_thomps: Russian trolls who bought FB ads also ran pro-Trump twitter account that trashed Black Lives Matter... [Read More]
From the critically lauded time traveling of Rick and Morty to the antics of a Hollywood horse, animation is the place to find TV that... [Read More]
After months of denial, Facebook told Congress and the public on Wednesday that a Russian "troll farm" had bought $100,000 worth of political ads on its site from 2015- 2016. That development... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's erstwhile lawyer, Michael Cohen, said this week in a statement provided to congressional investigators that Trump signed a letter of intent during... [Read More]
There's been a steady drip-drip-drip of information over the past 24 hours stemming from correspondence that the Trump Organization was turning over to investigators on the House... [Read More]
The Washington Post on Sunday night added new details to the strange story of President Donald Trump's never-t0-be-erected Moscow tower, a project that, as TPM reported earlier... [Read More]
Donald Trump never seems to remember he allowed two men convicted of securities fraud to sell his name to real estate developers on three different projects. ... [Read More]
When reporters combed through the Panama Papers last year, they recognized a familiar name cropping up: the FL Group, a now-defunct Icelandic bank that in 2013 had been... [Read More]
Rinat Ahkmetshin, who met last year with Donald Trump, Jr. alongside other Russian operatives peddling damaging information about Hillary Clinton, has... [Read More]
The developers who worked with Donald Trump in the decade before he was elected President form a motley crew. They're a potpourri of complete novices in the real estate... [Read More]
A New York Times report out this morning contains a rare glimpse into the workings of a notorious hacking team that's been chased by an increasingly panicked collection of researchers,... [Read More]