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Five people were shot during a Midland Avenue memorial for a man who died of cancer. [Read More]
including an 8-year-old girl - were injured in the shooting. [Read More]
The missing woman has a history of mental illness, police say. [Read More]
Cops say Jerome Pinkard gave a Hi-Point gun to one of the shooter's accomplices. [Read More]
The wounded man did not see the person who shot him. [Read More]
Ronald B. Green has been charged with murder. [Read More]
A car and a Volney home caught fire after the crash. [Read More]
Two men were shot to death during a robbery at the DeWitt Chile's, police say. [Read More]
Police say the wounded man refused to talk about the shooting. [Read More]
The DA says the two victims were executed. [Read More]
The new conference will start at 10:30 a.m. this morning. [Read More]
Joe Washington has been charged with murdering a man at a Fourth of July party. [Read More]
The suspect threatened M&T Bank employees with a bomb, the sheriff said. [Read More]
Sheriff Conway will discuss two major cases during a news conference today. [Read More]
So far, Tyria Loftin has been charged with stabbing one of the three victims. [Read More]
The man also persuaded the juveniles to take off their clothes, police say. [Read More]
Jason Briere ran his home improvement business in violation of a court order. [Read More]
The victim told police he was shot on South Geddes Street near Rowland Street. [Read More]
One man was killed and another critically injured in an assault in West Monroe. [Read More]
It appears the victim and suspect are strangers, police say. [Read More]