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Amazon has said each HQ2 site will result in 25,000 jobs. Will the working-class benefit? Will Amazon train locals for future employment? [Read More]
A new study unpacks the many motivations behind the "evil developer" narrative. [Read More]
A new USPS report suggests young adults aren't as disengaged from snail mail as you might think. In fact, it makes them feel special. [Read More]
California cities are angling to charge big business for housing, after a notable failure in Seattle. They might have a better shot. [Read More]
With lawsuits against 26 companies, the city joins other U.S. cities and states that have gone to court for climate reparations. [Read More]
Tenant beware: Some cities are hotbeds of rental fraud, and Millennials are the most vulnerable targets. [Read More]
The city's Republican mayor was elected on a platform to govern by data. Now, he's deploying volunteer analysts to execute on his vision. [Read More]
Meet the founders of Asgardia, the first official space-based nation. [Read More]
"The fear is historic in this region and the policies of hate in this administration have reached new levels," says a community organizer in Alamo,... [Read More]
Many cities and states have long used "sanctuary" status as a means of resisting Trump's immigration policy. Now, they're floating several new ideas. [Read More]
The city's ambitious plan to fund affordable housing by taxing corporations had a very short life. What happened? [Read More]
This Supreme Court is due to rule on a case that would no longer allow non-union members to be charged "fair-share" fees by the unions... [Read More]
A new survey finds that service workers in Connecticut are hungry for more hours, and for more predictable schedules. [Read More]
After the city passed a tax on businesses to tackle its housing crisis, corporations mounted a counter-attack. And other cities are watching. [Read More]
Despite the gig-economy hype, the share of independent workers in the U.S. has dropped over the last decade. And Uber itself has a smaller role... [Read More]
City and state coalitions just announced they'll be setting their own climate goals. [Read More]
The diesel-sucking dinosaurs from your '80s childhood are due for an update. [Read More]
From mapping apps to the blockchain, new tools are intended to give cities the information they need to address this growing challenge. [Read More]
Activists are on a quest to find out. [Read More]
Apple and Amazon could be neighbors. [Read More]