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Many people experience an illogical sense of being a phony at work at some point in their careers. It's called the impostor phenomenon (also known,…... [Read More]
The same month I graduated from college, my mother had a big birthday. We decided to celebrate with a week in France, a trip I…... [Read More]
Picture this: Mike comes into work today, and you are Mike's employer. Your company also happens to operate in a state that recently legalized medical…... [Read More]
Q: How awkward is it to look up your interviewer on LinkedIn before your job interview? Dear 007, Uninformed is unprepared, and you should do…... [Read More]
An investor recently asked me what my competitive advantage was. My challenge was figuring out how to explain—at the risk of sounding embarrassingly arrogant—that my…... [Read More]
Maybe you missed that project deadline because your boss never told you she'd set one. Or maybe she interrupted you with so many Slacks and…... [Read More]
Quartz at Work is a guide to navigating the modern workplace. Since our launch in October 2017, we've been particularly obsessed with eight workplace topics,…... [Read More]
For the first time in 55 years, a woman has won the Nobel Prize in physics. Prof. Donna Strickland's win has publicly highlighted that women…... [Read More]
When we're getting to know new team members, we might take note of how firm their handshakes are, whether they make eye contact, how they…... [Read More]
Kudos to California, where the state governor, Jerry Brown, recently signed into law new requirements for companies headquartered in the state to include more women…... [Read More]
You can't please all of the people, all of the time. But if you want to succeed in your job, sometimes you do need to…... [Read More]
Quartz at Work's reporters have had many different kinds of work experience (one of them, for instance, has worked at a hedge fund, another has…... [Read More]
It may sound macabre, but envisioning your own death is a good way to generate a successful plan. We are used to thinking about our…... [Read More]
One of the most challenging parts of a business presentation is managing questions. It is a challenge because questions are hard to control. If your…... [Read More]
Under capitalism, the argument goes, it's every man for himself. Through the relentless pursuit of self-interest, everyone benefits, as if an invisible hand were guiding…... [Read More]
Q: How can you tell if your former boss will give you a good reference? Dear Wishful Thinking, The first and most obvious way to…... [Read More]
To deliver a great presentation, you need to speak with confidence. If you are hesitant and tentative, you will not be particularly convincing or credible.…... [Read More]
Though our fixation is on breaking the glass ceiling, the most burning issue for women in the workplace is not about the corporate ranks. Relatively…... [Read More]
Earlier this year, when I was learning how to facilitate a specific type of workshop, a colleague revealed the secret to making it great: understanding…... [Read More]
Most job seekers understand that writing resumes and cover letters, answering interview questions, and networking are skills worth developing. As the leader of a college…... [Read More]