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Jake Patterson, accused of abducting Jayme Closs and killing her parents, managed to elude notice around the small town of Gordon. [Read More]
Jake T. Patterson, 21, was held pending murder and kidnapping charges, the authorities said. Jayme, 13, had vanished when her parents were fatally shot in... [Read More]
The 13-year-old disappeared from a small town in October at the same time her parents were found killed. [Read More]
The 13-year-old disappeared from a small Wisconsin town in October at the same time her parents were found killed. [Read More]
Orthodox Jewish women and men live in tightly defined, and separate, spheres. In searching for Jewish female identity, the photographer Sharon Pulwer was given a... [Read More]
"Why would you give your money to him?" one city golfer asked. The link to a president who is deeply unpopular in his native city... [Read More]
More parking spots, sidewalk space and subway seats. In August, the city that never sleeps feels downright drowsy. We set out to quantify its ghost-town... [Read More]
Neighbours at first had little inkling that Jakiw Palij was anything other than another immigrant living out his life in one of the most diverse... [Read More]
Two white goats spent the morning trotting along the N train line in Brooklyn, munching grass. Officials aren't sure where they came from. Goats are... [Read More]
Three days after a steam pipe burst in the Flatiron district, spewing asbestos, residents flocked to a makeshift information center on East 15th Street. [Read More]
Locals rallied for decades to save a rickety bridge in the heart of Kew Gardens which the M.T.A. wanted to demolish. Now it will be... [Read More]
New York City had the lowest number of traffic fatalities in a six-month period, which the mayor attributed to the city's Vision Zero program. [Read More]
The rat-borne illness was originally suspected in the death of a worker at the racetrack, but the C.D.C. has concluded he died of bacterial sepsis. [Read More]
Amtrak temporarily suspends the journey that was once the apex of luxurious modern travel — a straight-shot on a speeding train between New York and... [Read More]
Grace Gold was 17 when she was killed by concrete that fell from a Columbia University building. The accident led to new safety and inspection... [Read More]
My two vocations rarely intersected — until I came across a story about Jimmy A. Williams, a trainer who coached many young female riders to... [Read More]
A pilot program that places cameras in schools has slowed down traffic, but critics say it is simply a way for the city to fill... [Read More]
The new proposal to overhaul the New York City subway would affect riders on every line in the system over the next decade. Here's how... [Read More]
After an outcry over its rejection of subway advertisements from a sex toy company, the M.T.A. says it will work with the company to permit... [Read More]
Mr. Francesa's retirement from WFAN lasted four months, and his return is being greeted with less enthusiasm than the comebacks of Michael Jordan or Mr.... [Read More]