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The land, most now scheduled to be sold in February and March, is home to the imperiled greater sage grouse, a ground-nesting bird known for... [Read More]
Biologist Billy Justus said the agency doesn't have the funding to do the research to figure out whose pollution caused the algae to grow. [Read More]
The Republican Congress has bottled up bills that could prevent disenfranchisement of African-Americans and other minorities as part of their effort to retain control of... [Read More]
Chief Justice John Roberts halted a federal judge's order that invalidated a Federal Election Commission regulation that has allowed donors to dark-money groups to be... [Read More]
"Common sense compels the conclusion that a notice that does not specify when and where to appear for a removal proceeding is not a 'notice... [Read More]
Foxconn will be allowed to suck up to 7 million gallons of water a day from Lake Michigan and then dump that water. [Read More]
OSHA doesn't have specific regulations for heat which means it is harder to prove that the employer is at fault. [Read More]
McDowell consulted "a transmission person, as well as the maintenance people at the local Penske Truck group and the U-Haul down the street" but no... [Read More]
In 2017, Ride the Ducks International asked the Trump administration for waivers of the federal safety requirements. [Read More]
The Trump administration is continuing its war against unions by trying to make it harder for lowly paid home healthcare workers to pay union dues. [Read More]
"We've never seen this kind of federal intrusion in the energy industries," said energy consultant Rob Gramlich. [Read More]
Red wolves, once found across the eastern United States, are now perhaps the most endangered mammal on the planet, rarer than the world's 2,000 Bengal... [Read More]
HUD's Carson wants to make it easier for banks, insurers, and landlords to redline minorities. [Read More]
The Trump administration took down online records about abusive animal breeders, and now they're considering ending an online complaint database about illegal fees... [Read More]
The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is being stacked by Trump appointees, voted unanimously to give companies a year to comply with the new standards. [Read More]
The Consumer Product Safety Commission is giving toy manufacturers more time to comment on guidelines to help protect our nation's children from dangerous toys. [Read More]
"Sound policy would not make it easier for U.S. gun manufacturers who made the assault weapons used in the mass shootings at Sandy Hook, Pulse... [Read More]
Scott Pruitt's EPA is said to be sitting on a study that concludes—for the second time—that formaldehyde causes leukemia. [Read More]
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt plans to lightly regulate the sweet-smelling solvent methylene chloride, commonly used in paint strippers, after meeting with the mothers of two... [Read More]
Trump's OSHA has started enforcing a watered-down safety standard on beryllium, a toxic metal that slowly damages the lungs and kills about 100 people a... [Read More]